How to help your students deal with COVID-19
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How to help your students deal with COVID-19

28 April 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How to help your students deal with COVID-19!

The students have suffered greatly from this Covid-19 pandemic situation. Perhaps, they were the ones who missed out the most. Being habituated to a particular learning environment and then having it all take away is not easy to deal with. It takes time and effort to get accustomed to a new learning place, even if that new place is their home. It is not the same. The classrooms are integrated to maximize learning but the same cannot be said for the student’s home.

Teachers need to come forward and do everything possible, in their power to make the learning process more convenient for the students. As it is, it is difficult for them to concentrate without the proper learning environment, and without having their friends around them, learning is somewhat hindered. Learning and producing impressive results is difficult for the students because learning in a classroom and learning over a video conference is just not the same. That is why teachers need to take certain steps to ensure that the students feel comfortable

Help The Students Learn Better and Faster – Tips for Teachers for Online Classes

There is a lot that can be done but we will keep this article focused on the basic things that the teachers can incorporate in their teaching methods, the tools that they can use, and the techniques that they can resort to, to ensure that the students find it easier to study and learn. Here are some of the most effective tips and strategies that the teachers can use to make the students’ learning experience more convenient:

1.Emphasize Homework

Since the physical classroom interaction is no more a possibility, most of the learning has to be done at home, by the students. The teachers need to guide them so that they do not make fundamental mistakes in the learning process. This means that the teachers need to utilize the entire class conference session for directing and guiding the students and steering them in the right direction. The online classroom should be utilized for things like introducing new concepts, providing a gist of new topics, highlighting the concepts, discussing ideas, etc. The teachers should recommend students learn the material at home from dependable books like Oswaal Books.

2. Organize Class Discussion

There is a chance that this can turn into a chaotic situation quickly, but if moderated, it can bear fruit that can help both the teachers and the students. Class discussions are extremely important and beneficial. So the teachers need to regulate them and ensure that they are conducted in a civilized fashion. The teachers can ask the students to learn about a particular subject matter or chapter and open the classroom forum for open discussion. However, they need to ensure that no one speaks out of order and that they are the ones to call out the students one by one to present their views. This way, everyone gets to absorb the information.

3. Doubt Clearing Classes

The teachers should organize classes each week that is aimed at providing clarity to the students and their concepts. Learning over the internet is difficult and students are left with a lot of questions that they are faced with when doing their homework, learning, or during classes as well. The teacher should organize a special class each week to allow the students to present their doubts for clearance. This will help the students move forward faster. However, general doubt clearing should be done at the end of each class so that the students do not lag. Sometimes, certain students find it difficult to frame their questions and need time to think it over. If teachers organize a class specifically for doubt-clearing, then students find it easier to clear their doubts.


4. Quizzes and group revisions

Just because the students cannot sit in classrooms and interact freely, doesn’t mean they need a physical classroom for the same. With the help of tools like RMT Flashcards and Mind Maps, the teachers can turn the online video conferences into classrooms and open the forum to the discussion. If carried out civilly, quizzes can actually help each student to a great degree. This allows the students to feel like they are actually sitting inside a classroom. Also, the exchange of information allows the students to learn from each other and the teachers to assess how much of the learning is being absorbed by the students and which of the students are lacking or falling behind. This way, the teachers can design a strategy to cater to their needs.

5. Tests

Teachers should not stop organizing weekly or monthly tests to evaluate the students’ knowledge. It might not be the same as organizing class tests but with the help of Oswaal Books’ Sample Papers, the teachers can assess the students over the internet as well. It is essential because it makes for great self-assessment and allows the teacher to understand just how well the students are absorbing all that is being taught. Also, preparing for tests and taking them from the comfort of their homes can ease a lot of the pressure that is generally levied on the students during normal class tests and examinations. The parents can take the books away for the duration of the examination and the students can time themselves and take the tests from their homes.

6. Random Questioning

This might seem unfair but it is for the benefit of the students. Surprise tests are not feasible anymore so the next best alternative is to go for random questioning. The teachers can call out the names of students and ask them questions related to the subjects and topics that have been covered, just to see how well they are picking up on it.

The students have suffered a great blow thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic and while things going back to normal is a long way off, teachers and parents need to step forward to help make the learning experience more enjoyable and thorough for the students.


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