How to Get Hired in the Education Industry 

How to Get Hired in the Education Industry 

1 July 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Ho to get hired in education industry

Every child is a unique entity and requires individual attention for nurturing the inhabited skills and as well as the development of the new skills and habits which make the child a responsible person who is well equipped with the appropriate etiquettes to survive and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The child is like clay and it’s the responsibilities of the parents at home and teachers at school to turn the clay into the best posture. So, this is the reason why school is called the second home, because the teachers are the buddies who inculcate the best knowledge, skills, and habits so that the child turns to be a good human being. If you are also keen to know how to get enrolled in the education industry then go through with this blog shared by Oswaal Books.

The following are the new jobs in the education industry of India:-

1. Skill development:-

Extracurricular activities have become an integral part of the teaching world, such as sports, skills development classes, overall personality, etc because these are also delivering numerous career opportunities. Presently the extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, crafts amalgamated with the studies have become the new way of teaching in schools.

2. Individual attention:-

Every child is not the same so their learning habits also differ so it is preferred that there should be small batches where the teachers can concentrate on the performance of every child and knows their weakness and strengths which depicts that personalization is the best key for overall teaching.

3. Interactive classrooms:-

It’s an era of smart learning tools and digital learning where the learning is fun and it’s done quickly as the children find these classes more interactive as gone are the days when teaching was done one-sided.

4. Virtual based learning:-

Artificial intelligence is the future which means that it’s the time when teaching has to be done through animation or reality-based teaching so that the concept becomes crystal clear in the minds of the children. This form of teaching is also very helpful for those children who find studying from the book a problem.

The following are the horizons of the jobs in the education industry:-

Honestly, it’s not a difficult task to get a job in the education sector if you are well v versed with the scopes and process.

Teaching Based Jobs:-

1. Preschools are the schools meant for the children below 5 years and it’s the responsibilities of the caretaker to impart good knowledge and skills in the mind of the young ones.

2. Primary schools are compulsory till the age of 14 and the primary teachers should be well versed with the basic concept of math’s, English, social science, math’s, etc.

3. Middle & Secondary schools are responsible for preparing the child for 10th examinations which is the first certification examination in a child’s life so irrespective of whichever education board –ICSE or CBSE. So the teachers have to be proficient in their subject knowledge and should also be a good guide and counselor to the students.

4. Higher secondary schools focus on offering specialized knowledge on any one field which is arts, science or commerce. So the students have to be made aware of the college life and the teachers should be very focused on conveying the best knowledge about the career which the children can take up in the future.

5. College life is very different because here the mode of teaching varies from college to college and the professors in the college have to be experts with their subjects so that they can offer perfect guidance and offer the career help.

Non –teaching Jobs:-

1. Along with the teaching staff, there is an administrative staff as well- Receptionist, Assistants to the principal, account executives, etc, and so these administrative jobs are also an integral part for running the schools perfectly.

2. The support team such as the people who serve the food and tea to the teaching and non-teaching staff, the gatekeepers, the washers or the nannies which are hired in the school to look after the kids. The medical room staff also comes under the supportive team of the school.

3. You can also end up by joining the coaching or educational institutes which are catered for imparting knowledge and teaching for the school, college students and also these are the preparatory hubs for the competitive examinations and these coaching centers are always looking for the best teachers who have good knowledge about the subjects which they desire to teach.


The basic educational qualification which is looked by the education sector is the 10+2 and if you desire to teach in the primary and onwards then you have to hold a TTC or B.ED degree. There is always a demand for the fresh recruits who have ample knowledge about the latest technologies and mode of teaching so that they can be best at their work and deliver excellent results.