How To Choose Best Olympiad Study Material for class 1 to 5
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How To Choose Best Olympiad Study Material for class 1 to 5

10 May 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How To Choose Best Olympiad Study Material for class 1 to 5

The truest way for parents to be able to gauge the progress and development of their children, academically, is by having them take Olympiad examinations. By pitting each other against other students of the same educational level, students learn the importance of fair and healthy competition at an early age which instils really essential values in them – that studying with the motive of better oneself and to acquire knowledge are both ideal motives. 

Olympiads are the best way to help parents evaluate how well their children are doing in school. Some people might argue that it is too early to have children take Olympiad examinations in classes 1-5. However, this is a crucial age when students learn a lot and absorb more and teachers and parents should work in coordination to ensure that the young minds are shaped better. In this article, we discuss a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect Olympiad for your child. Academic excellence comes with the proper choice of study material and one cannot deny that it does play a pivotal role.

Ways to choose the best Olympiad study material for children between classes 1 & 5

Now the million-dollar question – how do we know which Olympiad study material is the right pick for the children? In all honesty, there are quite a few Olympiads doing rounds in the market and while some of them are adequate, others are sub-par at best. These are the ones you need to stay away from. How to recognize the best from the rest? Here is a detailed explanation of how:

1. Comprehensive

A lot of Olympiad study materials tend to go overboard with the instructions and information. Now, since we are talking about students in their early ages (classes 1-5), an ideal Olympiad study material is the one that is neither too overwhelming nor too underwhelming and bare. It should be the perfect balance between understandable and informative. It is easier said than done but Oswaal Books’ Olympiad Books are drafted in a way that is helpful for the students. It is extremely comprehensive and the way the information is presented is quite elementary that makes for easy digestion, retention and recollection. A kid’s Olympiad study material should be made according to their level of understanding and perceptiveness.


2.Proper Solutions and Explanations

The case with most Olympiad study materials is that they often miss out on ensuring that the solutions for the problems are equally informative and helpful. As children of classes 1-5, they might need help in finding solutions and if they are being taught by parents, then they need something to examine and check their answers with. Therefore, before you buy an Olympiad for your child, ensure that the one you pick contains a really informative and well-organized solution section that contains explanations that are sufficient. This will allow the students to study easier and better and the parents to teach the children better.


3.Sample Papers

When preparing your child for an Olympiad, make sure that the study material that you get contains sample papers so that they can put their learning to the test. Sample papers are often required so that the parents and the students themselves can evaluate their learning and assess where they are going wrong. It allows the parents to guide the children better so that they can perform better in the Olympiad examinations. Also, sample papers are generally drafted or compiled by academic professionals to test the students’ aptitude. So, purchasing an Olympiad book that has sample papers, can actually help your child stay ahead of the curve by a mile.



4.Trivia and Fun section

After all the studying and grilling, the kids’ patience will run thin and understandably. So what do you do then? Do you divert their minds with something else so as to re-energize them with new-found vigour to get back to studying? That seldom happens. The trick is to keep them engaged and in the study zone without them actually realizing. Oswaal Books’ Olympiad books contain a separate section that contains trivia and fun questions that give the students the idea that they are steering clear of the uninteresting pages of books and diving into a world of fun and games when in reality, they are constantly learning something thanks to the facade of entertainment.  This is a really helpful feature to have in books so as to help students study more effectively for Olympiads.


5.Concept Reviews

Unless the parents find a way to figure out if the students are clear on their concepts, there is no point in burying young minds in books because they will never grasp the basic idea. Conceptual clarity and a strong foundation is something that needs to be prioritized right from the start. That is why it is ideal to look for Olympiad Study materials that contain concept reviews. This way, the parents are able to get a deeper level of understanding into the children’s psyche and are able to get a better idea of how they deal with conceptually demanding topics. Also, this allows the parents to tackle fundamental problems, head-on, in the initial stages.


6.Previous Years’ Papers

This is more for the teachers and parents than the students. Previous years’ papers can aid greatly in developing an understanding of the pattern of questions, as is the case with question banks catering to all ages and standards.


These are the 6 important features that you should not compromise on when looking for the best Olympiad study material for your child’s unhindered academic success.  


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