How to Achieve 90%+ Marks in CBSE Class 12
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How to Achieve 90%+ Marks in CBSE Class 12

20 November 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How to Achieve 90%+ Marks in CBSE Class 12

Almost every student appearing for class 12th examination dreams of scoring a perfect 90%+ in the CBSE boards exam. But, is it possible for everyone to do so? There are only a few students who can do so. But with the right strategy and understanding, it will be possible to score 90%+ in all subjects in CBSE. 

Practically using the last three months will help you score good marks in the exam. Let’s go through the strategies that you need to understand before sitting for the exam.


Go Through The Syllabus, Prepare According to The Marks Weightage 

  • The first and foremost thing a student needs to understand is knowing the whole syllabus. He/She should have covered and revised the chapters that are going to come in the exam. 
  • You should also check the latest pattern of the exam as well as the marking scheme and weightage distribution. Also, keeping an eye for trending questions is beneficial while preparing.
  • The students need to focus on NCERT books along with one or two reference books.


Planning & Time Management

  • To score 90%+, students need to follow a proper timetable and also have effective time table management skills.
  • A proper routine and time management skills will help you to cover all subjects and give you a lot of time to go through it again before the exam.
  • Delaying or postponing work will make it hard for you and will hamper your preparations for the exam.
  • Time table and time management will help you to adhere to your goal of scoring 90%+ in the examination.


Work On Strengthening Your Weakness

  • First, you need to find your weak areas and your strong areas in particular subjects.
  • For the strong areas, you need to keep that up and start working on your weak areas to strengthen them.
  • You need to analyze whether your weak areas are improving or not for a long time to reach your goal of scoring 90%+ in the examination.
  • Focus on CBSE books that would help you to strengthen your weakness. Don’t ignore any subject as it could decrease your whole percentage.


Practice CBSE Class 12 Question Banks & CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers

Solving CBSE Class 12 Question banks and CBSE Class 12 Sample papers will help you a lot in getting a good percentage in the class 12th examination. 


  • Solving Oswaal CBSE Class 12 Question banks and previous year question papers is similar to solving board exam questions. The question bank is available in every subject that would be a great help to you for scoring good marks.
  • These question patterns will help you to understand the difficulty of questions in the examination. It will also give you the knowledge about the repetitive pattern of questions that comes every year or on an interval.
  •  The most important thing is that it will make you understand your level of solving problems. According to this, you can improve yourself for the final exam.


Neatness and Cleanliness

  • Every mark matters when you are aiming for 90%+ in exams. For this, you need to make your copy look neat and clean while examining it as it is what you are going to get marks for.
  • Always underline your answer’s most important lines so that the person examining your sheet can understand your answers in a better way.
  • While writing down Maths paper, make boxes around the answer, as it is a basic element that will help your answer sheet look neat and clean.
  • Your cleanliness, neatness, and handwriting can help you score more.



These are some basic tips that would help you reach your goal of scoring 90%+ in the class 12 examination. 

Oswaal Books has the best collection for CBSE Class 12 Question banks, CBSE Class 12 Sample papers, and CBSE books, which can be used by everyone who is appearing for the examination.

Make sure you bring this educational material home, prepare well, revise before exams, and get above 90% in class 12 examinations.


So comment below and let us know which topic helped you the most to excel in your class 12th examinations.

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