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20 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Students face a lot of anxiety when it comes to exams. Being a teacher is not at all easy as you have to deal effectively with anxious students.


But you must be wondering, if I encounter such students in my class then how I can help them to stay calm and have faith in their preparation?


By walking through further, you will find the ways like:


# Help with a Study Schedule


# Offer Relaxing Tips


# Keep Them Busy


And so on. With these effective ways, you can help the students tackle anxiety.


Let’s see further how you can effectively employ these ways.



1. Help with a Study Schedule


Students feel anxious when they don’t know how they can complete their syllabus or how they can score good marks.


To help the students with this issue, you can guide them with a fruitful study schedule that they can easily follow.


If the exams are about to approach, then you can guide the students to not start reading the textbook from scratch. Rather, you can guide them to follow the smart strategy to do the important topics to score good marks or start solving the sample papers to boost their confidence and provide a proper exam insight.



2. Offer Relaxing Tips to the Students


Give some effective tips to the students to shoo away their anxiety such as taking deep breaths whenever they feel stressed out.


This will help the students to gain more confidence and they will be more focused on goals. Also, advise the students to talk with themselves with the self-motivating mantras.


It will help the students to get a great sense of joy from within that will help them in the study. You can even give some motivational speeches in the class to keep them engrossed.


Moreover, if you will share the success stories of others with them, then also they will get a sense of motivation.



3. Keep Them Busy


Students start to feel more anxious when they are free and their mind just wanders here and there.


To help the anxious students with this problem, try to keep them busy as much as possible.


You can assign some activity in the class to keep them mentally and physically busy. Besides that, if the exams are approaching, you can keep them busy by assigning them a sample paper or a mock test to solve, just to get them going.


This will divert their entire attention to sample papers and they won’t feel anxious.


4. Praise their Efforts


Students tend to feel anxious because they think that their preparation is not up to the mark. In this way, they start losing their confidence eventually.


Being a teacher, you can see the hard work they are pouring into the preparation. Take out some time to appreciate their work and efforts.


This will make them feel more accomplished than ever. And will further help to study in the designated direction without losing any hope.



5. Motivate Them to Study in Groups



Students feel more comfortable and wanted among their peers. If they feel anxious then also there are higher chances that they can easily share their problems with their peers as compared to the teachers or parents.


So, if you motivate them to study in groups then they will find themselves in a more comforting place. With group studies, a lot of doubts will even be cleared.


For instance, you can even give them the task to solve some practice paper in a group. This will help the students to communicate among themselves and eventually they will forget about their anxiety.



Final Thoughts


These were some of the ways that you can inculcate during your teaching times to help anxious students.


Students fear a lot from the name of exams and many studies have revealed them.


But, if you are able to give them a positive direction to work then, their anxiety will just go away and they will feel self-motivated.


So, just employ these steps with your students and see the wonderful changes taking place around you.



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