How students can manage anxiety amid coronavirus scare
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How students can manage anxiety amid coronavirus scare

18 March 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How students can manage anxiety amid coronavirus scare

Hello friends!! You guys are super strong, and I want you to trust me, because, you guys really are. It is very lovely to see how united we are to fight days and times like this, and it is evident from the fact that we are united, hence we will fight this “COVID-19” guy out, and I promise that. No need to be scared or staying low all the time, cause the last time I personally found out that the worst thing that can happen to us is being in a victim-mindset, and I seriously mean that, so you all can put double quotes right there. Being in a “victim-mindset” leads to nothing except failure in the survival of the fittest, remembered? Sir. Charles Darwin from your 10th Bio? This is the time to prove those theories right and to prove that we are far more fit than any other living species in and around the universe. So relax, reach out the people in need, help them, and we will ultimately win this thing, till then I thought of reaching out to you and suggest you some of the ways by which you can adjust your lifestyle in times like this, they are as follows : -


1. Respond to even mild illness immediately

Have yourself checked thoroughly medically, even if slight illness pats you? Stop being ignorant, a slight illness can be fatal, so never just let go of any fever or “feverish” symptoms that bother you.


2. Better know this – “You are not alone”

Fear and uncertainty are the hallmark response to things that people don’t understand and that they feel threatens their safety and the safety of their loved ones,” Joshua Morganstein says. During a pandemic, you might feel unsafe, have trouble sleeping, experience distressing emotions or social isolation and grapple with an imbalance in your work-life issues. So never think you’re the only one, have the mindset that you’re not alone in the world, things happen sometimes, all we have to do is to stay intact and stand firm against all odds, and accept nothing but the triumph over the evil.


3. Limit your media diet

There is a very fine line between staying informed and feeling overwhelmed by the news. Newsrooms, nowadays are nothing but just a factory propagating overwhelming and over-exaggerated news. Most of the chaos nowadays in the world out there is artificially fabricated by media. They represent things in a manner that authenticity gets deviated far away from reality, and the people watching it eventually fall into the trap of getting an overdose of such news, resulting in an outcome filled with panic and chaos. Hence, “watch out”, what you watch out!!


4. Social media

Staying away from social media will help you releasing some of your stress, as most of it comes from social media, which is a giant in the mass-production of fake-news. Social media works this way – information that starts from one end changes its purity by the time it reaches you, by getting millions of add-ons into its authenticity. So, never trust blindly what you see on social media, it may be just another piece of fake-information trying to create panic in the society.


5. Indulge yourself into productivity

An empty mind is the mind of the evil, said by no one, but accepted by everyone, so by me and hence by you, as you’re reading this now. Hilarious!! But seriously, you got to trust these lines said by, I don’t know whom, but I really feel that these are, a hundred percent true to the core things. The moment you will sit without having a thing to do, your mind will start to wander, and you will often end up doing things that are of nothing but just ordinary trivia. For example, hovering through your news feed, that is already there, generating fake news, and eventually, you will get anxiety, reading that false information about Covid-19.

So, for god sake and for the sake of you and your loved ones, stop kicking the can down the road, and get yourself indulged into productive things such as reading books, you know Oswaal Books are always there for you, or you can indulge yourself into finding out new passions of work for you.


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