How Do Olympiads Help Prepare Kids For A 21st-Century Career?
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How Do Olympiads Help Prepare Kids For A 21st-Century Career?

28 May 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How Do Olympiads Help Prepare Kids For A 21st Century Career

There have been mixed opinions on whether or not Indian Education needs a revamp. In 21st Century India, there sure is a dire need for a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Getting good grades in school is important but what is more important is that your child is ready to face real-world competition. To keep up with the fast-paced nature of modern life, young children require critical skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, ethics, smart consumer literacy, and many others. Knowledge or fact-based curriculums are the most common educational curriculums in the world. They don’t provide students many opportunities to examine and gain practical Life Skills. To lead and control their future, today’s youngsters - the young citizens of the twenty-first century - need a wide variety of life skills.

Olympiads are competitive exams conducted on a large scale to test young children’s critical life skills and encourage healthy competition with other skilled students across the globe. These exams help students to face problems and psychologically train them to become stronger and sharper in their logical and reasoning abilities. 

Actual and necessary life skills such as Leadership, Ethics, Goal Setting, Teamwork, Decision Making, Negotiation, and a wide range of other 21st century skills are assessed and imparted to young citizens through global Olympiad exams like International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), etc. 

Know, in easier terms, let’s understand the primary benefits of Olympiad exams and how they help kids prepare for 21st-century career:

Core Benefits of Olympiad Exams

Educational Exposure: 

You are exposing your youngster to a new world by enrolling them in Olympiad training. Your child’s good performance may make him/her eligible for a scholarship, or possibly help them earn training under professionals in advanced mathematics and research. This will open up new possibilities for your youngster and boost his or her self-esteem. Children may be exposed to this to a large extent when they participate in Olympiads from an early age and discover their talents and shortcomings and be flexible and resilient as a result.

Logical and Critical Thinking:

The objective of the Olympiad exams is to encourage youngsters to think critically and creatively. As a result, youngsters are more likely to adapt concepts learned in the classroom to real-life situations. Although students are taught how to do geometric sums in school, the Olympiad curriculum will educate them on how to use angles, lines, and forms in real-life situations such as decorating, weaving, or producing a school project.

Besides, it has been recorded that students acquire a learning mentality from the first years of participation in Olympiads. They not only get more information outside of their school curriculum, but they also learn various approaches to study and comprehend basic topics.

A larger assessment:

Students may not always have the opportunity to fully pursue their hobbies or potential due to academic constraints. As a result, providing students with a platform where all of their talents and talents can be examined outside of the classroom is extremely valuable in identifying their true potential and directing them on the appropriate path to achieve their goals.


Competitive Attitude formation:

Children lack the drive to challenge themselves, not intelligence. Enrolling in an Olympiad programme is likely to change all of that. Your child is likely to develop a good interest in Science and Math since the Olympiad programme is very analytical and fascinating. Competing on such a platform will also encourage pupils to strive for greater success. Students can use the Olympiad as a platform to enhance their talents and showcase them at the local, state, national, and worldwide levels while competing against other similarly qualified individuals. This enables pupils to earn awards at multiple levels and scale their worth on a larger scale.

By now, you may be convinced that Olympiads are not just tests but very important assessments that help students gain real-life knowledge. So, let’s talk about how you can score perfectly in Olympiad Exams:

How to get the perfect score in Olympiad Exams?

Many youngsters despise the prospect of extra studying, and others may even develop an undiagnosed fear of some subjects. This is a major issue not just for teachers but for parents as well. There is anxiety that originates from a desire to improve the kid’s grade and to prevent the child from becoming overwhelmed by academic pressure. So, how can you rekindle your child’s enthusiasm for studying? It is a relief that many authentic and recognised publishers like Oswaal have introduced elaborate yet easier ways to study and learn. The team of experts at Oswaal has recently launched their Olympiad study material for classes 1st to 5th. This material has been structured as per the latest pattern issued by various Exam Conducting Bodies such as ISO, SZF, HO, UIMO, IOEL, ITHO, NSO, IEO, IRAO, NSTSE, SEAMO, IMO, IOS, IGKO, and UIEO. Here’s what is best about Oswaal Books’ Olympiad Books. It contains:


  1. Previous years solved papers 2011 to 2020 to help the students practice and understand the pattern of questions
  2. Assessment through 3 Levels of Questions--Level 1, Level 2 & Achievers, for extensive preparation
  3. Answer Key with Explanations to make sure that no doubt is left unsolved
  4. Amazing Facts, Fun Trivia & ‘Did You Know?’
  5. Concept Review with Examples
  6. Latest Sample Papers with complete solutions


So, there is no need to worry about the right study material for your exam. The Olympiad Books from Oswaal Books’ are a package to help you study every aspect of the paper.

What is our take on the subject?

Olympiad provides kids with a realistic experience of a competitive atmosphere from an early age, preparing them for large-scale competitions not only in examinations but in all aspects of life, minimising their anxiety. As a result, Olympiads may be described as a stimulant that aids in the transformation of a young mind into a sharp and intelligent adult ready to take on the world.

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