How can CBSE Question Banks Class 11 help ace your preparation for the new session 2021-22?
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How can CBSE Question Banks Class 11 help ace your preparation for the new session 2021-22?

26 July 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How can CBSE Question Banks Class 11 help you ace your preparation for 2022 exams

Class 11 and 12 studies are very crucial in the life of a student. It is from now onwards that we start studying for competitive-level exams. A part of the syllabus of class 12 and competitive exams is included in class 11 as well. 

However, students feel that they have got newly found freedom. They tend to start enjoying themselves more and pay less attention to their studies. But the students must maintain balance and not be bend more towards one side. 

To help students focus and make their learning simple Oswaal Books has launched CBSE Question Banks for class 11. They are detailed in nature. They are designed as per the latest curriculum and emphasize on nurturing individuality, thus enhancing one’s innate potentials, which help in increasing the self-study mode for students.

Here are a few of the additional features that the book consists of and how referring to it can help you in your examination:

Proper Categorization Of Chapters And Topics-

The various chapters and topics are properly divided for systematic and organized learning. The concepts are very well organized and not jumbled up to help the student in their learning. It contains Chapter-wise and Topic-wise presentations for systematic and in-depth study.

Based On The Latest CBSE Curriculum

This reference book is not as per the old syllabus, where there are topics that are not there anymore in the latest syllabus. When you study this book, you need not cross-check again and again if this chapter or concept is still there in the syllabus. So, this reference book will save a lot of your time as you won’t be wasting it on cross-checking. You can straight away focus on the subject for two hours. It is thoroughly updated as per the latest guidelines of the CBSE Board, thereby strictly following the latest syllabus and pattern of the Board. 

Most Likely Asked Questions

Oswaal Editorial Board has prepared most likely asked questions. Practicing these questions from beforehand will be like a boon for you. You will have already practiced those questions that are likely to come in the exam. The Oswaal Editorial Board holds 100+ years of teaching experience. 

Master Competency Based Questions

To ace your exams, you need a thorough practice of the various exam formats. For that, you need a book that has questions in all the different formats. Your need to master competency-based questions has been taken care of by Oswaal Books. Oswaal CBSE Class 11 Question Banks is made up of Objective types, Very short answers, Short answers, Long answers and Visual case-based questions. There are more than sufficient questions which will help you in practicing and completing the syllabus. 

Includes cognitive learning tool

There are various cognitive learning tools in this book. These help in making learning simple for the students. Commonly made errors have been included in the book. These will help you in avoiding those mistakes that the students generally make. So, you can go through those mistakes already and avoid making them and boost your score. Another cognitive learning tool available is the answering tips for concept clarity. This book will also provide you with answering tips so that your answer is formatted as needed in the exam. When you adequately format the answer, your chances of gaining higher score doubles.  





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