Five Tips for CBSE Teachers to Update Their Teaching Style
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Five Tips for CBSE Teachers to Update Their Teaching Style

3 January 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Five Tips for CBSE Teachers to Update Their Teaching Style

CBSE teachers who have been in the classroom for a while need to make sure that they take time to update their teaching style from time to time. Doing this is key to continued success in the classroom and keeping students engaged. Teachers who haven’t updated their teaching style recently need to follow these tips shared by Oswaal Books to ensure that they are a dynamic force in the classroom and that they command the respect and attention that they deserve.

1. Embrace Technology to Make Learning Fun

Every teacher wants their classroom to be fun and to ensure that their students learn a lot when they come in the door. One of the best ways to do this and to ensure that their teaching style is constantly improving is to embrace technology.

E-Learning is a great way to connect with students and have them engaged with their grade and work. All students love working with technology to research and learn, and teachers who embrace technology will find that their students are happier and more interested.

2. Invite Students to Help Plan

It is no longer the role of the teacher to simply provide students with all of the information that they need to be successful. In fact, better teachers will allow students to help plan how they are going to learn and will allow them to be active participants in their education.

Students are eager to be partners in their education and don’t want to just receive information passively. Asking students how they feel like they can meet a goal in class, what projects will help them learn, and how they can teach others will make them more engaged.

3. Go Beyond the Classroom

Rather than limiting students to show their work in the classroom, forward-thinking teachers who really want their students to succeed will think much bigger. The teacher should not be the only audience for the student, as students who are interacting with larger groups of people will be more successful.

4. Rely on Curiosity

Students are naturally curious, but limiting what they are able to learn or do in class is the fastest way to cause them to become disinterested in learning and in school overall. A great teaching technique to encourage curiosity is to allow some self-learning. This is especially useful for older students.

Students can use mind maps and develop their own ideas and expand on current knowledge. Allowing this as a learning tool is a great way for teachers to update their current teaching style, reduce some of the pressure that they feel, and allow students to take control of their education.

5. Collaborate with Others

Many teachers think of themselves as an island and want to teach on their own. Great CBSE teachers, however, know that the board, parents, and other teachers are there for them to help them grow and succeed.

Collaboration between classes on a larger project helps students learn to work with others and will help push their boundaries of understanding. Teachers who work closely with other teachers not only get the boost they need to be successful but will be able to expose their class to a larger set of ideas, improving their understanding of the world.

There are constantly new advancements that teachers need to embrace so that they can be sure that they are keeping students active and interested. Great teachers can always turn to the Oswaal CBSE Help books when they feel like they need help improving their teaching if these tips don’t offer them all of the help that they need.

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