Five Teaching Facts All ICSE Teachers Should Know

Five Teaching Facts All ICSE Teachers Should Know

9 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Teaching Facts All ICSE Teachers Should Know

No matter how passionate a new ICSE teacher is, there are a few things that they need to know before they step foot into a classroom. Understanding these teaching facts will ensure that teachers are fully prepared before their first day of school. This not only means that they will be successful. It also means that they will be able to better help their students succeed.

1. Every Student Will Learn Differently

It’s very easy, when in training, for teachers to assume that they only have to learn one way to teach in a classroom. Unfortunately, a single approach to teaching rarely, if ever, works. All students are different, and because of that, they will all learn differently.

A great teacher will know how to reach their students and help them learn on their level and in their style. From visual learners to kinesthetic learners, a great teacher will offer support for every student. This support will make a huge difference in whether or not the child is successful in the class.

2. Things Must Be Relevant

Even if a teacher is passionate about the subject that they are teaching, unless they are able to make it relevant to the class, it is very likely that they won’t be interested. Math concepts must be shown as applicable to real life for students to learn them. History must be made alive to become interesting.

ICSE teachers know that keeping things relevant won’t just help students learn, it will also make their class more engaging. For this reason, a great teacher will use enrichment activities to help their class better learn and retain the knowledge they need.

3. Integrating the Curriculum Is Key

It’s a common problem for the beginning teacher – trying to separate all of the classes and subjects from each other to teach them. While this can make lesson planning easier, it can make actual teaching much more difficult.

The key to helping students fully immerse themselves in their learning and get the most out of class is to integrate the curriculum. This may take a little more work at first, but it is, hands down, the best way for students to learn. Incorporating the same subject in math, history, language, and writing will help with comprehension and interest.

4. Students Need Space

One of the most important teaching tips that a new teacher can learn is that students must have space to learn and to be creative. This means that they need physical space to stretch out their body, gaze off into the distance when thinking, and spread out their work.

In addition to having physical space, students need mental space, as well. This will allow students to fully think about and process the problem that they are working on, which will make it possible for them to come to their own conclusion.

5. Technology Is Key

Technology should never be seen as an enemy of the classroom, as it can be used to help deepen understanding and better explore the topic being discussed. Students need to know how to use technology when studying and working.

Memorization is not as important as it once was, and students need to know how to use technology to find the information that they are lacking. Teachers who understand this and embrace technology can help their students succeed.

Teachers preparation is important before the first day of school. Being prepared with these teaching tips will ensure that teachers are successful. When teachers are prepared with teachers skills before they even set foot into a classroom, then they will be better able to help their class every single day.

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