Five Secret Ways to Enhance Teaching and Reduce Stress by up to 53%
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Five Secret Ways to Enhance Teaching and Reduce Stress by up to 53%

2 July 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Five Secret Ways to Enhance Teaching and Reduce Stress by up to 53%

Every teacher is constantly looking for ways that they can reduce stress on the job. While preparing students for success on exams and in the real world is stressful, Oswaal books shares some things that teachers can do. Stress in the classroom can take its toll on a teacher and on the students. Knowing ways to improve teaching and handle stress is important for every teacher.

1. Allow for Movement

It can be difficult for both teachers and students to stay completely still all day long. In fact, being forced to sit still can actually contribute to the stress that a teacher or the students feel during the day. A secret weapon for any teacher who wants to make their classroom less stressful is to allow movement.

For some students, this may mean that they are allowed to fidget in their seats. Others will want to get up and walk around so that they can connect with other students in groups. While the movement in a classroom will vary, any movement is good for combating stressful situations.

2. Make Mistakes Acceptable

Both students and teachers are going to make mistakes in the classroom, but how a teacher responds to these mistakes matters. When a teacher is accepting of their own, as well as their student’s, mistakes, the classroom will have a lot less stress.

Mistakes are inevitable, but how they are handled plays a huge role in the stress level of a classroom. When a teacher accepts mistakes, helps the students fix them, and then moves on, then students will feel much less stressed. This also improves teaching habits and helps students feel more connected and engaged.

3. Allow for Students to Take Control

Many teachers want to retain complete control of the classroom at all times. This, while a good way to make sure to prevent the unexpected, can really take a toll on the emotional and mental health of a teacher. It’s a much better idea to allow the students to have some say and control in the class.

This doesn’t mean that a teacher needs to completely change their teaching style so that the students run the room. It means that older students can help with presentations, get involved in planning, and come up with their own ideas. Teaching students to have some control prepares them for further education or a career.

4. Get Help From Professionals

Any teacher who has been teaching for a while will likely have some advice on how to lessen the stress in a classroom. New teachers who are struggling to come up with their own style of teaching will want to turn to their peers for help.

Peers can not only offer reviews on how the classroom is handled and run, but they can also give advice as to ways that students can take control in the room. Working with a peer who has dealt with the same problems in the past is a great way for any new teacher to feel less alone.

5. Make Sure Students Are Focused and Ready to Learn

A great classroom is only as good as the students, and when students are not focused or ready to learn, then the teacher will fail. Preparing students for learning is key to reducing stress in the classroom.

Preparing plans ahead of time, setting up the classroom for success, and allowing the students some time to share or move in the morning is key to a successful classroom.

Making changes to a teaching style can help make a classroom much less stressful. Any teacher, no matter if they are an ICSE, ISC, or CBSE teacher, must make sure to follow these secret tips. They are sure to improve teaching, make the classroom a happier and healthier place, and reduce stress and frustration.

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