CBSE Sample Papers | A Game Changer to Score High in 2021 Boards
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CBSE Sample Papers | A Game Changer to Score High in 2021 Boards

13 November 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

CBSE Sample Papers | CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 | 12 2021

Students are always in search of that one Mantra to score well in board exams. What if there was a Mantra? Or an easy and exciting way of scoring great in CBSE board exams? Teachers have been recommending the use of CBSE Sample Papers to expertise in all the subjects. Besides Textbooks, solving sample papers and previous year question papers can be of great help. Let us have a better understanding of the importance of CBSE Sample Papers in board exams.

How CBSE Sample Papers Are A Game Changer to Score High in 2021 Board Exams?

Given below are some important points which can support the significant role played by CBSE sample papers in 2021 board exams:

#1 It gives you an insight into the expected paper pattern

CBSE releases its sample papers before board exams to help the students familiarise with the paper pattern devised for the particular year. These sample papers are prepared by a panel of experienced CBSE teachers. Two sample papers are not entirely the same for two consecutive years. However, certain parts of the paper may be the same.

#2 It helps the students with self-assessments

It is important to assess your preparation before appearing for any exam. Solving sample papers is similar to having mock tests. The whole paper solving practice helps students check their understanding of the fundamentals of a particular subject or chapter. A student should solve at least 10 CBSE Sample Papers for each subject before final exams. It will also help in monitoring the weak areas and revising the same.

#3 It assists the students in rectifying mistakes beforehand

Students often tend to make silly mistakes in not just numerical sections but also in theory-based sections. It is very important to identify and rectify these mistakes before appearing in board exams. Students should solve CBSE sample papers and tally their answers from the solution guide or get them reviewed by their teachers. In this way, CBSE Sample Papers assist the students in rectifying their mistakes beforehand and try to avoid them in final exams.

#4 It promotes excellence in every subject

CBSE Sample Papers are specially organized by the board to provide access to an abundance of questions, of different types, from different chapters. By solving these sample papers, students become familiar with varied combinations of questions that have a high possibility of being asked in the board exam. 


The idea in a nutshell

From the above-mentioned points, you should be able to understand the significance of solving CBSE sample papers. Evidently, CBSE Sample Papers are a game-changer to score high in 2021 board exams as it helps the students in attaining mastery over each subject. Students get to solve several papers which can be devised as mock tests, thereby identifying the weaker areas, rectifying silly mistakes or commonly made errors, and understanding the possible paper pattern. All these steps act as the staircase to high scores. 

Some students wish to solve as many sample papers as they can for practice purposes. Certainly, it is an interesting way of preparing for such important examinations. So, which sample paper other than CBSE is best for extensive preparation for 2021 boards? Oswaal Books’ CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 & 10 is a popular choice amongst students to get access to multiple sample papers for each subject. 

Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers Class 10 & 12 for 2021 Boards

The best part of Oswaal CBSE Sample Papers is that they are timely updated by the professional editorial board and strictly planned around the latest changes introduced by CBSE. Oswaal Books has recently released its revised sample papers with the reduced syllabus for the academic year 2020-21. Here is what you get in this sample question paper:

  1. 5 solved sample papers as per the board marking scheme and word limit for student’s understanding
  2. 5 unsolved sample papers with hints for self-assessment according to CBSE guidelines
  3. The exact typology of questions from the latest CBSE sample papers to provide updated study material

Get your copy: Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers for 2021 Boards


What makes Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers 2021 different from others?

The primary objective of Oswaal Books’ team is to provide the students with a comprehensive, interesting, and educating additional study material for exam preparations. To aggravate the interesting part, it has devised exciting sections such as-

  1. ‘Answering Tips’ and ‘Commonly Made Errors’ to polish the concepts and help the students in avoiding mistakes
  2. Quick revision tools like ‘On Tips Notes’ and ‘Mind Maps’
  3. Oswaal Grammar Charts and QR codes to clear doubts and revise the syllabus at any time from any device


By now, you have read about how CBSE sample papers can help you score greatly in 2021 board exams and how Oswaal Books’ contribute to achieving excellent marks in board exams. It is always favourable for the students to carefully understand different concepts and practice as much as they can. By solving sample papers, students would also observe a boost in confidence for the efficient final performance.



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