CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 | 6 Advantages of Solving it for 2021 Boards Preparation
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CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 | 6 Advantages of Solving it for 2021 Boards Preparation

12 November 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

CBSE Sample Papers | CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2021

Have you ever wondered why teachers, experts, and professionals are always emphasising solving sample papers and conducting mock tests? The CBSE Class 12 board examination is regarded as the foundation of a student’s career. Hence, the quest for excellence can never be put aside. And, to attain excellent results, every student needs to undergo a profound study of the syllabus to understand the concepts and then practice to master every subject. This explains why solving CBSE Sample Papers and Question Banks are considered so important. Let us understand the same in detail.

Advantages of Solving CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 for 2021 Board Preparation


Self Assessment 

Once you start solving at least two CBSE Sample Papers in one week, it becomes easy for you to check your understanding of a subject or a concept. As you solve the questions one by one, you will notice that you can see whether you are confident about all the solutions or not. That is how you can decipher your weaker areas and polish them again via revision.


Familiarising with the paper pattern

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 are organized and issued by the board every year at least one month before board exams. These sample papers are made by the panel of teachers at CBSE who carefully organize the questions so that students can get an idea of the pattern to expect in the upcoming board exams. Thereby, solving CBSE sample papers can familiarise the students with the paper pattern.


Rectifying Mistakes

When you are writing your board exam, you are supposed to give your best. And once you are done, there is no chance of rectifying the mistakes. But, while you are preparing, you have sufficient time to make mistakes, rectify them, and learn from them. This explains that by solving CBSE sample papers for class 12, students can get their solutions checked by the teachers to identify the mistakes and then correct them.


Most Important, Important, and Less Important Concepts/Questions

Before your final CBSE board exams, you need to solve at least 10 sample papers for each subject. By doing this, you will be able to observe the typology of questions followed by CBSE. Moreover, you will get an insight into which questions or concepts are most important (asked in the majority of the sample papers), important (asked in more than 3 sample papers), and less important (asked in a total of 2 sample papers).


Managing time while giving final examination

Each CBSE board exam is 3 hours long. Every student needs to monitor and manage the time he/she is taking to solve the question paper. This can be done easily by sitting and solving one sample paper daily. Not to forget, keep a stopwatch running while solving the sample paper to record the time taken in solving every question. In case you are taking longer than the scheduled time, then you may need to practice more to increase your speed.


Confidence Boosting

Some students undergo extreme stress and anxiety around board exams. Surprisingly, CBSE sample papers are a great way to deal with it. By solving one sample paper daily, the student gets used to attempting tests, feels confident about his solutions, and hence, does not feel anxious while giving final examinations.


Which Class 12 Sample Question Paper should you choose?

CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 is undoubtedly the most accurate sample question paper which is also treated as the base of other sample papers made by different publishers. However, some publishers employ interesting techniques and introduce better tools to prepare for the board exam. One such popular publisher is Oswaal Books. Oswaal Books has been largely adopted by students to prepare for CBSE board exams class 12. Here is why:

Oswaal Books has released its revised CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 12 with all the latest changes sanctioned by the board. Its sample paper is strictly based on CBSE guidelines. Some key features of Oswaal CBSE Sample Papers for 2021 board preparation are-

  1. It contains 5 solved and 5 unsolved sample papers with hints for self-assessment 

  2. It is an exam-oriented sample question paper with the exact typology of questions as asked in the latest CBSE sample papers as well as in previous year question papers

  3. The solutions provided in the sample paper follow the board marking scheme and word limit

  4. Some exciting sections like ‘Answering Tips’ and ‘Commonly Made Errors’ are also covered in Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers Class 12 to polish the concepts and help the students in avoiding mistakes.

  5. ‘On Tips Notes’ and ‘Mind Maps’ are also introduced as tools to make preparation interesting

  6. Students can study from Oswaal Grammar Charts to clarify doubts and use QR codes for quick revision on any device


Now, it should be very clear why it is so important to practice and solve CBSE sample papers before board exams. However, it is equally necessary for the students to select the right sample paper because if mistaken, one might end up compromising with the final performance. Besides CBSE Sample Papers for class 12, Oswaal Sample Question Papers Class 12 for 2021 are quite appreciated by students and teachers. You can experience exciting techniques for studying while preparing for board examinations with Oswaal Books.



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