CBSE board exam 2021 MCQ question paper for term 1 – 7 exam tips based on scientific facts
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CBSE board exam 2021 MCQ question paper for term 1 – 7 exam tips based on scientific facts

25 September 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Exactly 7 weeks are left for the CBSE board exam 2021 term-1 (MCQ-based), which means preparation is done, and revision is on. Rounds of ‘chyawanprash’ and ‘badam milk’ must be in full force to help you focus on studies effectively.

But, the MCQ question paper is not as easy as it appears.

In fact, the MCQ question paper is one of the toughest as it covers more syllabus, and you have to study each and every topic thoroughly and is completely unpredictable.

That being said, scientific facts suggest a few exam hacks that can help to achieve a high score. These exam tips are based on psychological studies done by educationists and examiners around the world to help students easily solve the MCQ question paper.


# Exam Tip 1 – “Read Instructions Carefully” – Carefully.

That’s right, it’s a very crucial tip, and most of the students do not even consider it. Statistical data shows that 27% of the students make stupid blunders because they simply ignore that bold headline at the top of every question paper that says, “Read Instructions Carefully”.

You should also count the number of pages given in the question paper, but DO NOT see the MCQ questions on other pages. Yes, don’t do that.

Psychologically speaking, if you see a MCQ question on the next page before, then the possibilities are either you may know the answer to it or not. In either case, it’s going to harm you.

Suppose you know the answer, then it may boost your confidence but can harm your focus. You’ll keep on thinking about the same MCQ question over and over again while solving other questions, and you’ll gradually lose concentration.

Suppose you don’t know the answer, then it’ll keep on haunting you while solving other MCQ questions, and you’ll lose confidence and gradually concentration.

So, read the instructions carefully, count the number of pages and do not read all the MCQ questions beforehand.

This provides us with our next exam tip.


#Exam Tip 2 – Attempt MCQ questions in a serial order.

As we have discussed above, jumping to another MCQ question before solving the one in front of you will harm your concentration. You’ll carry that load through out the question paper, that’s why it’s recommended that you solve in a serial order.

In this way you’ll be able to carry the focus throughout the question paper and may actually achieve a high score.

See it this way.

Psychologically, if you put your entire focus on the current MCQ question that you’re solving right now, there’s a very good chance that you don’t know the answer or are confused between two answers, you’ll pick the right one using methods of deduction, elimination and reasoning.

But if you’re not fully focused on the current MCQ question, then, even if you know the answer, you may choose the wrong one. You may jumble the sections if you like, but attempt the particular section in a serial order.


# Exam Tip 3 – Mark your OMR sheet simultaneously.

If you think that you’ll mark the correct answer in the question paper first, and then at the end of the exam you’ll fill the OMR sheet, then twice.

The amount of the time you’ll waste to carefully fill the OMR sheet at the end, say, approx. 15 minutes, could be put to better use. Instead, if you fill the OMR sheet along the way, then not only it’ll give some extra time at the end of the exam but also take the stress of the incomplete OMR sheet away from you.

Scientific facts suggest that the students who fill their OMR sheet simultaneously while solving the MCQ question paper saves almost 15-18 minutes of time to invest on the MCQ questions that they do not know the answer to.

Also, they feel calm and relaxed at the end and hence can put a lot of focus on the tough questions at the end, and may even choose the right answer!

Thus-and-thus, fill your OMR sheet simultaneously while solving the MCQ question paper.


# Exam Tip 4 – Confusing MCQ questions isn’t worthy.

Understand this, this year the CBSE board exam 2021 term 1 will contain almost 50 questions, the duration of the MCQ question paper is 90 minutes, meaning less than 2 minutes per MCQ question. On top of that, consider drinking water in between or filling in the details in the OMR sheet, the attendance sheet etc.

You CANNOT waste time on questions that appear confusing to you. Just mark the MCQ question and also mark the most suited options of it and move to the next one.

Even there’s no negative marking, still DON’T attempt it right away, leave it for the end of the exam. At the end, you may be able to figure out the right option.   


#Exam Tip 5 – Surety is a necessity, go for it.

Make it a habit, stay only on those MCQ questions that you think you know the answer to. Time is limited, if you don’t know the answer, just mark the question and move to another.

Attempt these kinds of marked questions at the end because only then you may choose or guess the right answer. It’s quite possible that at that time you may actually guess the right answer.

Psychologically too, it’s possible that if you solve those MCQ questions at the end, which appeared to be tough at the beginning, you may guess or stumble on the right answer. Maybe due to the less psychological pressure or sheer luck, it’s advised that you solve all those MCQ questions at the end.


#Exam Tip 6 – Save 15 minutes at the end.

Now that you have attempted all those questions that you were certain of, it’s time to focus on those difficult MCQ questions or the confusing ones which are left.

As you have strategically solved your question paper and have carefully spared yourself a margin of 15 minutes, attempt these questions.

Try to implement methods of deduction, elimination or reasoning.

Suppose in a mathematics question paper, the question asks for a certain area of some object, and one or two options are in cube root instead of square root, eliminate them. Now you have a 50% chance of guessing the right answer.


Suppose in a physics question paper, the question is about a value that’s going to be of a certain standard unit, say meter/sec. Now, you can easily guess the right answer by eliminating all the options with wrong SI units.


# Exam Tip 7 – Forgot the answer! Remember the place! 

Scientific facts clearly mention, and even studies show that if you learn something cannot remember the right answer, then don’t try to remember it. Try to remember the place where you studied it, or the colour of the t-shirt you were wearing at that time.

This may sound stupid, but it’s true, the human mind may forget the numbers but will always remember the colour or the architecture or the smell that was around at that time.

Try to follow this theory while solving remembering the correct answer of the MCQ question.


How you can speed up the preparation?

There is no alternative of hard work, but keeping these exam tips in mind wouldn’t harm either.

Also, if you want to practise these hacks, or you want to test your preparation to see where you stand for this year’s CBSE board exam 2021 term1, try Oswaal CBSE MCQs Chapter wise to practise from the largest pool of MCQ questions.

You can also try Oswaal Sample Question Paper or Oswaal Question Bank to get a better idea of the exam pattern and can prepare accordingly.


Good Luck!  


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