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11 October 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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CBSE board exam 2021 is approaching.


Learning is done and revision is on, but are there few doubts still hanging over your head?


Are the regular books and guide materials not enough for you?


Is the exam stress causing you anxiety and nightmares?


If yes, then you have come to the right place.



Today, students are dealing with immense pressure as the CBSE board exam 2021 pattern has just been changed leaving everyone clueless.


Now, hard work has no alternative, right.


But, according to experts, there are few strategies that you can try to get ahead of others.


That being said, let’s first see what really causes stress to students?



1. Lack of Planning:


This is the one of the major reasons for stress during exams.


Students do not plan out their study schedule and end up scrambling to cover their entire portion in the last few months.



2. Relying on Reading:


Reading notes and chapters is essential but it’s advised to write what you read.


Also take help of sample question papers for better results.


Scientific studies show that 67% of the students usually forget what they read and start over again from the square one which causes stress at the end.



3. Fearing Exams:


Exams are scary for many students and there’s no cure for nervousness, but it’s equally necessary to have faith in yourself.



4. Too Much to Do:


Students today waste 80% of the semester and then try to prepare in the remaining 20%. Obviously, this tends to build the pressure on them causing anxiety.  



5. Studying Till the Last Minute:


Many believe that studying and revising till the last second will make it easy to remember. Scientifically speaking, it’s actually the opposite.


At the night before the exam, you should relax your mind to be calm, composed and focused during the exam.



Now that we know the problem, let’s look at solutions!



1. As Early as Good - 


Covering your syllabus everyday little by little will prevent the stress and make you finish your portion early leaving enough time for revision.



2. Reference Material:


Your study material should be based on the latest syllabus, formats, and patterns.


Oswaal Sample question papers are based on the latest CBSE board exam 2021 curriculum and follow the new National Curriculum Framework (NCP).



For class 10th Sample Papers, Click here.  


For class 12th Sample Papers, click here.



3. Make Your Own Notes:


The objective of making notes is better retention of the information. It also enables you to phrase scoring answers even if the questions are twisted.


Also, CBSE board exam 2021 pattern is created to test your understanding of context rather than content, so you need a thorough understanding of subjects and topics.   



 4. Make Learning Interactive and Fun:


It never hurts to make your learning a fun game where you wouldn’t even feel stressed or pressured.


One way to do that is by using an online systemized digital platform where you can learn the topics and subjects more interactively.


Try Oswaal 360, which contains Mind Maps, Detailed Solutions and Topper’s Answers to ease out your learning process.



See what students of DPS and St. Francis Convent have to say about Oswaal 360.    



5. Test Yourself:


Assess your knowledge with the right tools.


If you are done with your preparation then it’s time to test yourself. Sample question papers can help you with that.


Sample question papers will not only give you an exam insight but will also provide you solutions for optimum results.



Want to try latest CBSE sample question papers? Click here.



 6. Identify Your Weaknesses:


Knowing your weaker topics enables you to realize how much effort you need to take to get yourself decent marks in that topic or subject.


Solving samples question papers and tracking the time will prepare you for actual CBSE board exam 2021 and will also boost your confidence.  



 7. Give Yourself a Break:


As much as consistency is important, so is refreshing too. Studying at a stretch for hours is tiring for your brain and a tired brain is not very helpful.



Bottom Line


Students need to understand that exams are tools to test their knowledge, skills, capabilities.


Also, CBSE board exam 2021 is going to be strictly based on your understanding of the context of the subject. Therefore, don’t be too hard on your yourself.


Finally, sample question papers can give you a remarkable leap forward as they are perfect for the revision time.



Try latest CBSE sample question papers by Oswaal Books.



All the best!



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