CBSE 10th boards | How to use Flash Cards for last minutes of revision
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CBSE 10th boards | How to use Flash Cards for last minutes of revision

18 December 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

CBSE 10th boards How to use Flash Cards for last minutes of revision

As days nearing by, students are becoming anxious about the board examination. Subject experts say that half of the students who didn’t score well are not because of lack of preparation but due to lack of memory. It occurs mainly due to nervousness.

Although there are several traditional methods to revise a concept, flashcards are a popular technique followed by many students worldwide. This successful technique has made students remember whatever they have learned through a “visual representation.” How to use them exactly? Well, this article gives you practical insights into using flashcards.


What are Flashcards?

It is a small two-sided card with a prompt on one side and an explanation on the other side. It is similar to the standard 52 pack card deck, but the difference is the content present in it. The content may be names, procedures, or vocabulary. There are several cards in groups, representing a set of information that you need to remember, memorize, and test.


Why should you use Flash Cards?

There are several reasons to use flashcards for studying, and some of them are

a)     To revise the learned concepts.

b)    To induce confidence-based repetition

c)     To engage in active recalling.

d)    A repetition based revision to “learn from mistakes.”

e)     To learn a concept within a short span.

f)      An effective self-analysis method to know your level of understanding.


EFFECTIVE ways to use flashcards for revision

Flashcards are used for several purposes, apart from learning. Moreover, the following methods are mainly focused on revising the concepts.

Leitner System

It is a scientifically proven method for revision, which is also called a waterfall method. First, start with mixing all the cards and place them in box1. Take one at a time; each card you answer correctly goes into box 2. If you don’t know the answer, put them in box1.

After learning the answers for cards in box 1, again go for the test. Now, take the cards in box two and if you answer them correctly, place them in box 3. Repeat this process until you have all the cards in box 4. If you get any wrong answers, put them in box1.

The science behind this concept is that the lesser-known cards are frequently reviewed, making you learn the unknown thoroughly.

Matching game

This technique works best if you are learning in groups. You can use test cards from Oswaal books for this game. Separate the question card and answer card in a pile. One by one, start looking for maths. To enhance the excitement, form teams, play it as a competition and record the score.

Dumb Charades

Split into teams. Place all the cards into a basket. Like the regular dumb charade game, a representative from both teams pulls out the flashcard and provides silent cues to both team members. And, the one who guesses the answer first gets five points.

Flashcards are new to our education system. However, Oswaal Books has launched the first-ever RMT (Revise, Memorize, and Test) flashcards for CBSE class 10 students and four subjects, including maths, science, social science, and English.

The categories of these flashcards include 


  • Revise cards- For recapping the key facts.
  • Memorize cards- For learning scientific terms, definitions & equations.
  • Test Cards- Rapid Fire questions for every topic.
  • Exclusive fourth category- Practical cards for Science & Maths, Map cards for Social Science.


It is a fun way to learn in this stressful situation. Apart from video learning, it is an engaging, lively learning process that maximizes your learning capabilities.

In your view what can be the other ways to use flashcards? Share your views in the comment section below.




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