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17 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Have you ever heard that drinking caffeine can boost up your energy level while studying? Or have you ever heard that coffee plays a vital role in increasing productivity?


You might have heard in some instances that after drinking coffee, the sleep just vanishes and you feel your energy at the next level.


But, have you ever thought about the science working behind it?


By walking through further, you will precisely know how coffee can help you while studying



The Science Behind


To understand precisely the science behind how coffee works, it’s very essential to note how sleep works.


Two systems work hand-in-hand to make you fall asleep.


1. Circadian Rhythm


This rhythm works in a 24-hour cycle in which you feel peaks and troughs throughout the day. This cycle attains peak in day and troughs during the night hours.



2. Adenosine


Adenosine is a chemical that keeps on building up in your brain till you are awake. As soon as the level of this chemical reaches the maximum, your alertness goes down and you start feeling sleepy.


This chemical level can only be broken down once you take a good night’s sleep.


So, both of these factors in combination make you fall asleep. And, primarily coffee works on lowering these two factors so your alertness level is restored.


When you consume coffee, it makes your brain believe that you have just woken up from sleep. Besides that, it even gives you a great feeling of alertness.



How coffee helps?


Coffee comes as a blessing in disguise to help students to keep themselves alert while they are studying.


Some of the key benefits that it has in store for you are as follows:


1. Improved Alertness Levels


When you drink coffee while studying then it can boost up your alertness level. If you are someone who has never consumed it then a single cup of coffee will do wonders for you.


You will feel fresh and more active to concentrate on your study. But, this doesn’t call for you to take unlimited cups of coffee throughout the day as everything comes with a limit.



2. Boosts Long-term Memory


Drinking coffee is proven to boost long-term memory retention power. But, this doesn’t mean that you just keep on sipping the coffee every time you want to remember something for the long run.


For instance, you are solving sample papers for your exams and you’re unable to remember few concepts while solving it. After having a cup of coffee, you can easily solve the sample papers.


This will make things way easier for you.



3. Faster Reaction Times


As coffee plays a crucial role in lowering the adenosine levels in your brain so it ultimately makes you more alert.


When you are more alert, you can give spontaneous reactions and that will increase your reaction times.



Is coffee always a savior?


You must be wondering that if consuming coffee has so many benefits, then why not keep it drinking for the whole day?


But this is not a very good idea!!


For the temporary alertness with coffee, you need to compensate it with some other time of the day.


The more coffee you drink, the more addicted you become to it. And soon after that, you will always feel the urge to have it to keep you alert. It can be dangerous for you in the long term.


Besides that, if you keep on drinking coffee in large quantities for the entire day then your caffeine tolerance levels will change. And you won’t feel alert with just a single cup of coffee as you used to be before.


Make sure, that you take coffee just before the important tasks. And even if you are a coffee addict then make it a rule to not consume more than 3 cups of coffee in a day.


Generally, coffee remains for 9 hours in your body. So, make sure you don’t consume it 8 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, it will hinder your entire sleep.



Final Thoughts


Drinking coffee is a great strategy to help you boost up alertness levels. Having a stipulated amount of caffeine will work as a booster for you.


While on the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to the amount of caffeine you are consuming then you can even hinder your caffeine tolerance levels and sleep cycle.


So, just have a cup of coffee but always remember to take caution!!



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All the best!



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