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16 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t feel like studying? Or you can’t sit consistently for study?


If YES!! Then you have landed at the apt page.


These are some of the most common issues that are faced by anyone who is sitting for study.


Have you ever heard about the M.A.P. strategy for behavior change? If not then need not worry we’ll discuss this powerful strategy further.


Besides that, don’t try to use the brute force will power approach to see instant changes in your behavior towards study. As they are not going to change overnight.


So, using the M.A.P. strategy can be effective. Let’s deep dive further to know more about this strategy.



What is M.A.P?


M.A.P. is a powerful strategy that helps you to change your behavior towards study and how you perceive things.


M.A.P. stands for Motivation, Ability, Prompt. And these act as the three pillars of behavioral change while studying.


You are not going to change your behavior all of a sudden just by listening to these words until you don’t put them into action.


You can only see the behavior change in your study routine if you focus on:

1. Convincing yourself to do the essential things

2. Convincing yourself to stop doing the unnecessary things


We can see behavioral changes from both aspects. And this will further help you to make your study more promptly and consistently.



Convince yourself with M.A.P. to start studying


M.A.P. strategy will help you realize your urge and desire to study and first of all let you analyze what factors were responsible for putting you at that place.



M: Boost up your motivation to realize the real reason behind why you want to study


When you don’t feel like studying then poke yourself with questions like “Why I was doing it?”, “What I want to achieve with it?”


When you get the answers to these sorts of questions then write them in a place and try to review them properly.


For instance, if you are studying hard to get a good job offer based upon your caliber then where do you see yourself.


What are the major points that you need to achieve to get that amazing job offer?


Once you get a clear idea about those points, you don’t need any external motivation.


The reasons are self-sufficient to make you realize the importance of studying and why you are doing so.



A: Boost your study ability


You will study impeccably if you create an environment around you that is helpful for study.


Create an environment around you that is helpful to achieve your goal.


For instance, make an organized study place with all the available resources where you want to study.

If you don’t have all the required things present at a single place while you are studying. Then you will ultimately lose your ability to study.



P: Design a prompt to help you study


You don’t need to remember every time that you need to study.


For this, you can have a reminder or an alarm that keeps on reminding you that why you want to study.


This reminder is only fruitful till the time it is impacting you. If your study behavior is not getting impacted with it then it will be of no use.


Convince yourself with M.A.P. to stop the things that come in your way of study


M.A.P. strategy will even assist you in stopping doing those things that hinder your way of study. Let’s have a look at how it is helpful.



M: Decrease your motivation to stop doing the thing


Try to reduce your motivation to do something that is coming a lot in your way of study.


Write down the reasons why you wanted to reduce it and review them properly.


For instance, if social media is your distraction then think promptly about why you wanted to reduce the time for its usage.


Decreasing the social media time will ultimately boost up your will to study.



A: Decrease your ability to stop doing the thing


When you have thought about which specific thing is coming your way of studying.


Then you need to reduce the ability to access that thing as much as possible.


For instance, if social media is your distraction, then try to put some long password for it so that you can’t access it easily.


Besides that, try to make its access as difficult as possible. This will hinder your urge to open it.



P: Remove the prompts to do the thing


The more you are prompted by your distractions, the more you will be affected.

If social media is your distraction, then never put it on your home screen of the phone.


Even if you are using a desktop then never keep those sites as shortcuts.


It will lure you to open them so put them at the places from where you can’t easily see their presence.



Final Thoughts

Using the M.A.P. strategy will do wonders for your study behavioral changes.


If you religiously follow this strategy then you will surely see wonders taking place around you.


You need not apply the brute force of will power but you can keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic to study consistently with the M.A.P. principle.


All you need is focus and dedication with M.A.P. to turn the tables for your consistent study.

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