9 Ways to Ensure Student Safety in School
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9 Ways to Ensure Student Safety in School

7 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Ways to Ensure Student Safety in School

There is a lot of trust that parents put in the school authorities during admissions hoping for a safe and secure environment. The school is no less than a second home and the teachers and fellow students, a family. But, sometimes, many uncalled-for conditions can arise threatening the safety of the students. And hence, it is very important that the schools need to follow strict safety norms and keep themselves equipped with all the safety gears.

Oswaal books is sharing here 11 ways with which schools can ensure the safety of their students:

  1. CCTV surveillance

The schools should install security cameras in every nook and corner of their premise. It is one of the most potent ways to keep an eye on every single activity going on in and around the school campus. The authority should actively monitor the activities of the students and take immediate action against any suspicious activity within minutes.

  1. Security alarms

Security alarms should be installed on the school campus to alert the students, teachers, and other staff members against any threat.

  1. Security guards

A security guard should be stationed on the school gate to keep infiltrators away. He should be alert and agile. He should keep an eye on people getting in and coming out of the main gate of the school.

He should also discourage people from parking their vehicles in front of the school premise.

  1. Screening of people going inside the school

No visitors should be permitted in the school premise without safety screening. If someone wants to go inside the school premise, he or she should be thoroughly checked to ensure safety.

  1. Background check for employment

No teacher or any other employee should be hired without a security check. A thorough background check should be conducted to ensure that every teacher, administrative member, or any other employee in the school is free of a tarnished background.

People with a criminal record should not be hired to work in a school.

  1. Issue ID cards to students, teachers and other workers

The students, as well as teachers and other employees, should be given an ID card. The schools should not use any other mode of identification.

The students should also be issued access and exit passes so that they don’t enter or exit the school premise without the knowledge of the school authority.

  1. Not everyone should be allowed to pick up the students

Only parents of the students or a duly assigned guardian should be allowed to pick-up the students from the school. The school should not permit any random person to receive the student from the premise.

  1. Defence training

Schools should train their students for self-defence. Regular training sessions should be conducted to prepare the students for any adverse circumstances. The students should be taught to deal with these situations without panicking.

Plus, the school should also share ideas and discuss security-related issues with the students owing to the current scenario of crime and terrorism.

  1. A security panel community

The school should form a panel that would be responsible for taking care of the safety of students, as well as employees. The well-formulated body should be assigned with the task of monitoring the entire premise for suspicious activities, checking the bags of the students timely to prevent them from bringing any dangerous thing in the school, monitoring the activities of the students within the campus, reporting any suspicious person or activity in and around the campus, and discouraging high school and secondary school students from bringing mobile phones to school.

The panel should keep reviewing all the security policies timely to ascertain a safe and secure environment in the school.

Parents send their kids to school because they trust the authority for taking care of their kids and hence, it is the responsibility of the school to live up to the parents’ expectations.

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