9 Steps to Finding the Perfect class 10th help books
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9 Steps to Finding the Perfect class 10th help books

20 December 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

9 Steps to Finding the Perfect class 10th help books

Finding a book is the same as finding a friend. You have to look into its characteristics, features and that it understands your queries well! A perfect help book is something like a good companion which is more than a textbook. In the mean time we will discuss about the 12 steps to find the perfect class 10th help books.


  1. Look for your usual expectations- It is no surprise that different books have different way of writings, as the author changes, so as the way of writing. Many students prefer deep explanation of things instead of concise answers. Oswaal help books are exactly a thing containing suffice amount of explanation.


  1. Consider your board circumference- Every board has its own fabrics and fundamentals. By stating fabrics and fundamentals I meant that different boards have different exam patterns. For example, CBSE board is quite liberal in this regard, whereas ICSE board is quite rich in its exam patterns. Hence, always choose wisely, consult your teachers for the best help books they would suggest to use.


  1. Ask your seniors- Asking is a fantastic thing. First of all, it costs nothing to ask someone to clear your doubts. And who other than your seniors will be a good mentor for you? They have lived what you’re living now. Hence, they have already seen the changes in the syllabus and exam patterns. The best way to find a perfect help book is to ask seniors. They have the key to the best of all suggestions.


  1. Too many cooks spoil the broth- Resist using too many books. They won’t do anything but confuse you. The book which is appropriate for you will support you throughout your syllabus. Try using books which best understands you. Different books with different terminologies will distract you from actual physical world of reality. For example, CBSE board generally prefers straight forward and blunt responses whereas ICSE prefers a thorough briefing. So, choose wisely, live well.


  1. Make yourself at home- Make it clear in your mind that your help books aren’t your classroom. You can be open and frank with them. Most of the times students hesitate to put up questions in class thinking that it might sound dumb or unrealistic. Whereas, this is not the thing with help books, it has several questions and answers regarding every query related to the students irrespective of the level of the query. Hence feel free to use help books for support.


  1. Select your vocabulary-vocabulary is an important thing while studying a topic, because different students have different grasping ability. And different boards too have different vocabulary standards. For example, CBSE has a lighter vocabulary acceptance whereas ICSE has a well-conditioned vocabulary acceptance. Hence, choose your help books appropriately according to your vocabulary standards.


  1. Be writer friendly- Being writer friendly is an important thing to consider. Various writers have tougher accents, at the same time some has easy approach to the topic. Oswaal books are exactly a thing of cake walk.Choose the help books of your choice where you find things settling better in your mind.


  1. Don’t skip quickly- It is a common human trait that we skip things faster than we hustle with them. The reason with it is that we don’t want to grind our head, or we don’t want putting up pressure on it, once we think we are not understanding things. As a result, we skip books from books. This is hazardous. Skipping books will ultimately lead to nothing but it will just leave you in a topsy-turvy cyclone of confusion. Give yourself some time.


  1. Match the statistics- It is the simplest way to know that whether your board papers are matching with your help books or not. Try searching for the previous year’s questions in your help book. If the repetition is quite frequent in your help book then you’re already on a good track, and if the questions are already out of the league then don’t waste time changing the book.


We hope these steps will be helpful for you to Finding the Perfect class 10th help books.

Best of Luck! and Follow #Oswaal Books as your one-stop solution to all your academic preparations. 


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