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9 October 2021 | Source: | Join the Discussion



It’s very important to offer proper study material for the students of classes 1-5 as it helps in their overall development.

If you are still wondering that whether NCERT Workbook is a good option to go with or not, then read this blog to find out.


1. Based Upon CBSE Curriculum

For budding children, it is very important to keep them restricted to the curriculum they need for their CBSE exams.

When you choose the NCERT workbook, then you need not worry about burdening your child with some extra things.

These workbooks are precisely designed according to the latest CBSE curriculum. All the latest updates are being accommodated in the worksheets to offer ample practice to the students.  


2. Chapterwise Practice

If you focus on the practice just at the end of the syllabus for your children, then it is not a good choice to go with.

The opportunity to practice in chunks gives better insights to the students.

Make it a habit that you offer a space to your children so that they can easily revise after every chapter. And this can be easily achieved with the assistance of NCERT workbook class 1|2|3|4|5.

Chapterwise revision will not only make it easier for you to keep a track of your child’s performance. But, it will also help the child to gain confidence for solving various problems that they may encounter in exams.


3. Prolific Revision

Revision plays a critical role in offering the students a way that they gain better clarity about the concepts.

If the concepts are clear then students hone the skills to attempt any type of question that they encounter on the day of the exam.

You can even try out various ways in which you take a quick revision test of children to keep them engagedNCERT workbooks give you a convenient way to offer a revision section after every chapter.

This section will promote your children to see the concepts at a glance once they are done with the chapter. So, it is just like a cherry on the top of the cake for the revision.


4. Mind Engagement

Students of classes 1-5 don’t have a great strength to stay concentrated for studying for a generous amount of time, as per the experts.

It is a very challenging task to keep them engaged with the study material. Once they are bored, they will leave the subject at that very moment.

NCERT workbooks offer gateways in the form of some challenging and exciting tasks that keep the kids engaged. These tasks will not only help to learn the concepts but will help to imbibe them too.


5. Exam Preparatory Material

For the students of classes 1-5, parents as well as teachers find it very difficult to offer exam sufficient material for the students.

As the syllabus is evolving dynamically, so it is very essential to offer them the study material of that level.

CBSE workbooks class 1|2|3|4|5 offers you the designated material that is just apt for exam preparation under a single roof. You need not find separate resources for your children to prepare them well.


6. Easy to Follow

Workbooks are designed in an effective way that students find easy to follow. Besides students, teachers and parents also find it an effective way to introduce it to their children.

It comes with fully solved NCERT answers and easy-to-understand language so that students can follow it religiously.

They are specifically designed by keeping the age group of students in mind. And how easily students can rely on the resources offered to them.


7. Teaching Aids

Students tend to grasp things more effectively if they are taught things differently.

For instance, a student will remember a thing or an incident more effectively if that has been taught in the form of a story.

On the other hand, if we try to offer them only the study material to learn then it will only create boredom. They will even not remember the things in the long run.

Workbooks offer the students the privilege of mind maps. They help to connect to the points and offer more conceptual clarity.

Students will not only enjoy the learning experience but will also cherish it. It will create a sense of eagerness among the students to learn.


8. Digital Learning

With digitizing technology, it is imperative to mold the learning experience in that way.

NCERT workbooks have enhanced their capabilities and offer even a QR code scanning experience. Just by scanning these codes, students can enjoy the detailed videos on the topics.

This will take the learning experience to the next level. And it’s said that visuals make a more lasting impact than just going through the pages of the book.

It will help your children to retain the concepts more clearly. Even one day before an exam they can memorize their concepts in one go just by watching those videos.


9. Easy to Grasp

NCERT workbooks offer a stipulated syllabus for the students for their easy preparation.

Students can easily learn the concepts just with the flow and can even participate in other co-curricular activities.

The workbooks even come with a designated manual for the parents and the teacher. This guide helps them to find the best methodologies so that they can help the students study.

The manual offers lesson plans for each chapter and effective teaching techniques with proper learning and understanding aids. This will help you to create a rapport with your children. 


Bottom Line

NCERT workbooks act as a true asset for preparing your child for the exams and even enhance their learning capabilities.

The reasons clearly describe that possessing the workbooks will help the students for class 1|2|3|4|5.

Oswaal NCERT Workbook for classes 1|2|3|4|5 are your blessings that you should grab to accelerate your child’s learning experience.

This workbook comprises all the essential features that you could ever expect an ideal workbook to offer. It is designed with the enhanced self-study mode so that students can easily prepare for the exam.

All the NCERT questions are thoroughly solved in this book to enhance the preparation.


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