8 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation
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8 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

8 April 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

8 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the gap between your semester, a break from your classes and when it’s time to participate in all sorts of games. However, it’s believed that children who engage in educational activities over the summer are more likely to attain good marks over the summer. Parents should come up with simple learning activities that may include the kid’s hobby to help them outside of class. Here are the 10 activities that have proved to be beneficial in the learning process of the kids. 


This will help the child develop a sense of responsibility because they have to water the plants over time; it will also be fun to watch something grow over time. Parents can also start writing a project to try and document the activities that have been undertaken by your child. Make it as exciting as possible by attaching pictures and receipts of the plants & place so that to keep that memory alive. 


Start a reading challenge with your kid. The vast selection from Oswaal books will help in giving you more content to practice with. Oswaal books believe in making learning simple and easy for everyone. Reading challenge will help to develop the kid’s grammar and pronunciation & help in understanding the concepts easily. 


Plan educational trips to different places such as museums and geographical locations such as lakes. Take note of the places and let the child write of those experiences. Research in advance to get the most out of the sites. 


Having a conversation, discussing ideas, asking question stimulate their thinking. Spending more time on this will guarantee that you will help your child to learn and develop mentally. 


This encourages them to tell you more, go into detail and to further articulate their thoughts. It helps them learn and be able to express their opinions. 


Develop at the beginning of the summer holiday a challenge that will keep you and your child occupied over the holiday. This will keep them busy and help them in becoming future good planners. It will also build the kids anticipation to tackle the situation and at the same time think about the future.


The creative process has proven to be one of the ways to stimulate the brains of every child. It could vary from drawing, dance routine, and TV programs. This is a great way of inspiring your child to think. It is a significant brain development process. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.   


Pick a topic that the kid is interested in and go out in the garden and public parks and collect the ornaments. Soon you will have a full museum at your home waiting to be sorted and labeled. This will help in making the kid sharp and aware of his environment.


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