7 Tips for Teachers to motivate students to give their best performance

7 Tips for Teachers to motivate students to give their best performance

14 August 2019 | Source: | Join the Discussion

7 Tips for Teachers to motivate students to give their best performance

As a teacher, you must have met many students over the years who are not interested in learning new things. Some may appear lazy, disorganized and apathetic. There must be times in your career when you feel to just give up. But, that is not the correct way to go. As a teacher, you must encourage and motivate the students to give the best performances of their life.

These students need us to invest in them and inspire them to become great. Only then the duty of a teacher is fulfilled, it will not be easy but the joy the faces will make it happen. You can try and use the workbooks in a more fun manner to engage them in an interesting conversation. This will remind them that they are capable of anything in this world and start a new journey in their life.

Here Oswaal Books shares some tips on how to motivate the students to learn something new every day. 

Motivate Students to Give Their Best Performance

Encourage them – Sometimes students who appear lazy or disorganized needs a bit of support from your side. These students are actually discouraged because they are not understanding the procedures around them. So, giving them some inspirational words can do a lot of wonders. Words are the most thing in the world, use them wisely and importantly encourage the students with your kind words.

Make learning fun – You don’t need to do convoluted activities to make the learning fun. You just need to be an avid teacher and let the art flow through you. To make it more fun you can use the stories in a funny manner.

Talk to them – when you find any student who has a problem pull them aside and talk to them. Having a one on one conversation would give a boost to their confidence.

Help them in being organized – Things like doing the homework can be demotivating for the students, so help them in being an organized bunch by constantly talking to them.

Believe in them – The most important thing is to believe in your students and if you don’t believe then they probably won’t do it. Don’t assume and have a positive mindset that these students can and will.

Make sure they are working in your class – to learn something new you need to be working towards the goal to learn it. So, if you want them to learn something new you need to make sure they are working in your class and not just listening.

Involve the parents in the process – Involving the parents is such a great idea, so you need to involve them and give them feedback on what they can do to improve the learning abilities of their children.

Overall you need to pro-active to motivate your students to learn and what better way to do that is by gifting them relevant helpbooks. You can find these books on any book store, so gift them to your students.

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