7 Tips for students to make covid-19 lockdown less boring
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7 Tips for students to make covid-19 lockdown less boring

27 March 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Tips for students to make covid-19 lockdown less boring

As the Indian Government has already declared 21 days enforced lockdown throughout the country, so it is no surprise that the way we used to think about holidays was nothing else but just an utter disguise. These long, monotonous holidays are boring to the core and unexceptionally uninflected. Though we have everything to occupy us sadly nothing is working out well enough to have us seated at a place for more than a few minutes. Ever thought about utilizing this time in self-study? In my view, you can never get a better opportunity than this to muster up your knowledge, and be a little more productive and occupy yourself in something interesting. So, here are several ways by which you can occupy yourself in self-studies and can make your lockdown a bit less boring –

1. Indulge yourself in productivity

Being productive means, utilizing your time in improvising yourself and getting a positive outcome out of your efforts. Oswaal is providing you the latest collection of E-books at an exceptionally low cost. Guess how much? Just for 1 rupee, yes you read that right. At just 1 rupee, you are going to get all you need to prepare for your exams. 


2. A dose of creativity with concept videos 

Oswaal Concept videos are made in order to make you learn things with a different approach. They’re interesting and they compel you to think creatively. In a time when everything remains so unchanged and dull, at least for the upcoming 21 days, being creative might be a good option.


3. Repetitive self-studies will bolster or reinforce your grip 

A little more preparation is never a bad idea. Trust me, it gives you a breath of relaxation and sight of confidence. And most importantly, in our regular days, we never get time to look onto our self-studies attentively due to our hectic routine, filled with assignments, projects, and daily works. Don’t you think right now is the time when you can best utilize it for your own good? Preparing more and more for your exams. Oswaal books are providing you multiple options to start your preparations today. For the sake of E-learners, we have E-books whereas we are also providing you the books in the paperback format directly on your doorstep in this lockdown. So, start working today.


4. Searching out for new passions

Analyzing one’s passion is an exciting thing. Sitting at home, doing nothing for 3 weeks, you can do this self-assessment of analyzing your passions. How to analyze your passions? Well, you got to try everything!! And then you have to assess that, doing what makes you happier? And then, all you have to do is to increase your expertise in that passion.

Working on your passion has its own long-term gains. Primarily, when you’re good at something, this makes you a distinguished creature. And a distinguished creature is a confident creature. While applying for a job, or sitting in a group discussion for that job, this distinguished passion will play an extensively vital role.


5. Summarizing is good

Summarizing means, recapitulating the things you have already studied. Recapitulation is very important as it refreshes the mind and recalls the things you have already studied. Like this, there are lesser chances of you forgetting those things in your exam time. Oswaal E-books and solution books are made up in a way that the reader can revise the whole chapter in a go at any time. It is said about revision that if the preparation is planning then revision is implementation. Hence, in this lockdown, use your time efficiently to bring out the best implementation of your preparations for your examinations.


6. Writing is always soul-filling 

Needless to say, we don’t always get an opportunity to speak out our mind or heart, and in many cases, most of us are so introvert that we find ourselves ceased to speak or explain things we always wanted to say. For all those who find it hard to speak things of their mind or heart to their family or friends, the best way is to start writing them. Blog writing can be one of them, it will give you an essence of satisfaction for letting your heart and mind feel lighter after putting up things in black and white. 


7. Do some plantations 

Growing a kitchen garden around the corner of your window will be a thing that will keep you occupied in these lockdowns.  Along with it, motivating habits such as plantation is a good thing.


Stay tuned with #OswaalBooks for more. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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