7 simple secrets to totally rock your Board exam results
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7 simple secrets to totally rock your Board exam results

19 November 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 simple secrets to totally rock your Board exam results

Board exams are knocking at the door and all the students are tensed, nervous and intensely engrossed in their preparations. But if we say that by abiding certain tips you can upgrade your marks, what will be your reaction to it. So yes, the research team of Oswaal Books has found out 7 simple secrets which could assist you to rock your board exams and pass out with flying colors.

1. Proper scheduling:-

By now, you must be aware about your weakness and strengths, so it’s better that you start with proper planning, how to prepare so that you can turn up your weakness into strengths. A well framed timetable will provide you more time and your preparations can be done in a simplified manner, which will be like a boom in your examination.

2. Focus on concepts than studying:-

Your concept about the subject should be crystal clear and this will be very helpful if you come across any tricky question in your question paper. Most students just learn the matter without analytically understanding its cause and effects, which is a faulty way of preparation.

3. Solve last 10 years question papers:-

Solving previous years question papers is really great because it not only boosts your confidence but also makes you aware about the pattern of the questions and the marks allotted to them. Once you start solving the question papers you become aware about the point that which portions you should devote more time and vice versa. You even start managing your time which will lead to some time for revision which is very important part of the examination.

4. Best utilization of Initial 15 Minutes:-

This time is allotted for reading your question paper. You should read all the questions thoroughly and mark the ones which you want to attempt. Don’t miss out any point which could put you in trouble while answering the question paper. You should first answer the easy ones and then allocate time for the tough and the lengthy answers.

5. Stick to the word count:-

Never write stories in the examinations. Your answers should be compact, error-free and within the allotted word limit. This provides good impression on your examiner as well as gives you time to answer more questions perfectly.

6. Presentation- the key for extra marks:-

Correct answers with proper presentation will surely fetch you more marks, just follow the following presentation tips for getting more marks in your examination:-

a. Question Numbers should be clear

b. 3 cm border should be drawn on both the sides so that in the left side you can write the question numbers and right side can be used for rough work. This will make you answer sheet clear.

c. Answers should be written pointwise and all the important points should be underlined or highlighted.

d. The handwriting should be good and easily readable.

e. Adequate space should be left between two answers.

f. Never scribble in your answer sheet.

g. The answers should be complemented with related diagrams, maps, charts and tables.

7. Aim to attempt all the questions:-

Board exams are not like competitive exams which have negative markings. So your aim should be to attempt all the questions. For example – while attempting math’s exams, attempting all the questions can be beneficial because even if y=the answer is incorrect but you get the marks for correct steps.


Undoubtedly Oswaal Books are the best help books which could help you get more marks in your board exams. So just amalgamate the above-mentioned tips with Oswaal Books and rock your board exams.

All the Best!

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