7 Secrets to score above 92% marks in your Board exams
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7 Secrets to score above 92% marks in your Board exams

2 April 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Secrets to score above 92% marks in your Board exams

Every student dreams of scoring the highest marks in their board exams but getting such high marks is not a matter of joke rather it requires lots of dedication, hard work, and 100% concentration on your studies. Getting a score of 92% in your board’s exams is possible if you study throughout the year. But there are many students who start their preparations a few months before their board exams but dream to get 90+ in their exams. Oswaal books can be the best source for the late risers as their question banks and sample papers are very challenging and also are the benchmarks to evaluate the preparations by the students. So let’s know about the 7 secrets to score above 92% marks in the board exams:-

1. Solve previous years question papers:-

It is mandatory to solve the last 10 years question papers if you are so keen on scoring excellent marks in your board exams. While solving these papers you get aware of the question patterns and the trends in which the questions are asked in recent years. You can also solve these test series when you are not in the mood to study anything. Solving question papers make you realize about your exact preparatory status and so you can work on your weakness accordingly.

2. Compete with oneself:-

Please understand one thing that you have competition with yourself and not with others as this can be the best way to give your best shot. You should be well versed about your marks attained in your previous exams and also should be clear with your thoughts that in which subjects or topics you are weak and which ones are your strengths. Each and every subject is important and so attaining good marks in every subject will help you attain a 92% score in your board exams. Solving the mock test, last year’s question papers are the base of your preparations so you cannot afford to skip this phase in your preparations.

3. Know Your Weakness:-

After solving the previous year’s question papers and mock test you would have been aware of your weak points and you also have to find the best remedy to convert your weakness into strengths so that in totality you are cent percent ready for your board exams and this hard work would help you in attaining your desired score in your board exam’s

4. Stick to your syllabus:-

It’s wonderful to prepare from the different sources but when the board exams are knocking at the door it’s important that you become reserved and only focus on your textbooks which comprises of your syllabus because in the last moment there is no space for any confusion.

5.  Prepare language papers thoroughly:-

Often it is found that students prepare Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Accounts, etc, but never focus on the language subjects such as- English and Hindi. This is a matter of concern because these are subjects which increases your percentage and can also compensate if your performance in other subjects is below your satisfactory level. It’s a must to devote at least one hour to the language subjects.

6. Strict No to Internet:-

Today we are more live online rather than in our real life, but if you want to score 92% and above in your board exams then you have to say goodbye to all the social media portals where you spend most of your time because this time should be devoted to rigorous studies and preparations as this time is the decider of your future.

7. Time Management:-

Last but not least, time management is the most essential secret which has to be incorporated if your desire is to score 92% in your board exams. Each and every second count and the time wasted today will surely affect your future very badly, so just be alert and if you think that self-study is must and best for you then start it immediately and only talk with others if you have any confusion or doubts about your studies, or else just focus on your studies and give your best shot on your examinations.


We hope this article will be helpful for all the students who are on the verge to appear for their board exams. We would suggest all the students solve the Sample question papers and the Question banks by Oswaal Books because their books are very helpful and configured with the reference of the questions patters asked in the board examinations.

Best of Luck! and Follow #Oswaal Books as your one-stop solution to all your academic preparations.

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