7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in E-Books
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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in E-Books

13 May 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in E-Books

Digitization has changed the world for everyone, even students. With the advent of digitization, students have the power of education on their fingertips, much like Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan chakra. Indeed, education is the most powerful weapon of mankind and to hold it at the end of a single click is one of humanity’s best revolutions. 

E-books are one such facet of digital education that is changing the way we perceive learning. Simply speaking, e-books are the digitized version of books available online. So why should you buy an e-book? Oswaal Books is here with the seven reasons to buy E-books:


1.E-books are cheaper

An e-book is always cheaper than its paperback counterparts. Unlike a paperback that needs to be printed, e-books are developed digitally without using resources like paper and ink. So if you’re looking to buy a book but are short on pocket money, you can invest in an e-book!


2.E-books are portable

As we’ve already pointed out, e-books are at your fingertips. Once you buy an e-book, you can download it on any digital device with an internet connection: a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile phone and read it on the go! E-books are anywhere, anytime!


3.E-books take up less space

As opposed to the good old days where the textbook would suffice, these days, exams require you to study from a plethora of reference materials. Storing and taking care of these books require much space and time. You can save yourself the hassle of buying additional storage cabinets for your books in case of an e-book! All the space it takes up will be digital, which unlike physical space, is available in abundance these days at no extra maintenance cost!


4.E-books help you make better notes

Have you ever come across a paragraph, a diagram, a question, or even a page in your book where most of the important parts were situated and you’d be making multiple markings on it so vigorously that the page would tatter into pieces? E-books don’t let that happen to themselves. In fact, you can make digital markings on e-books with different colors and different strokes or even write comments in the comment boxes wherever you want. You can even bookmark pages in e-books without folding them at the edges. All these e-book tools help you make much better notes which you can simply print out for your reference later. With e-books, there’s no need to tarnish a book for making notes!


5.E-books are delivered at lightning speeds

The time to deliver e-books is a fraction of the time to get a paperback book, even if it is from your nearest bookstore.

Once you’re done choosing your book from the e-catalog, the time taken from the moment you make payment to the moment you have the book downloaded in your digital device is merely minutes. In fact, it just depends on the speed of your internet connection! At Oswaal Books, we are committed to delivering e-books in less than five minutes. Buy an e-book from us today!


6.E-books never go out of stock

The sense of disappointment that we feel when an important book goes out of stock in almost all our nearest bookstores is palpable. Thankfully, e-books never go out of stock. This essentially means that once your favorite e-book has hit the markets, you can purchase it whenever you want, no matter wherever you are, without worrying about it going out of stock.


7.E-books save paper

Saving trees and saving paper is a virtue that is imbibed into our very essence as a student. Why not do our bit to save the environment by buying an e-book for a change?

E-books are the modern-day counterparts of their paperback versions. As the world moves towards digitization, its time you take a step in the direction of new-age learning. Let that first step be buying an e-book today!

 Now Oswaal Books has made all books available in E-books form.

Online learning is definitely the future of education. It makes students more involved in their studies with the flexibility to learn at their convenience and needs.

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Please share your views in the comment section below, what can be the other reasons to invest in the E-books?




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