7 latest trends in education and how schools can incorporate them
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7 latest trends in education and how schools can incorporate them

8 October 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

last trends in education

We live in the age of ever-changing technology. In each sector, there are new trends by each passing day, whether it is the field of gaming or medical science. The education sector is no different; each year, there are various new trends introduced which are incorporated by schools.

The education sector holds a special place in the development of a country as these trends have a direct impact on the students, who will one day become valuable members of society.

India is a country where traditional teaching methods were preferred over the latest educational trends. But now, the CBSE and ICSE pattern has started to adopt the latest technologies in the education sector. Let’s have a look at the 7 latest educational trends described by Oswaal Books and how can schools incorporate them:

1. Integrated Learning Solutions

Not that long ago, the concept of E-learning was introduced in Indian schools. Almost every modern-day school has implemented the idea of "Smart Class" in their classrooms. An integrated learning solution utilizes this technology to bring education to the students through digital infrastructures. Schools in India can easily incorporate this method with the help of the right infrastructure and approach.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Experts anticipate Artifical Intelligence (AI) will take over the world in the coming years, and the education sector is no different. The use of AI will reduce the amount of work which is required to be done manually by teachers. Situations like handling a crowded classroom or performing tasks like the translation of language, etc. Schools can use AI to help students in personalized learning. It can also be incorporated with E-learning; thus, minimalizing the work of teachers.

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

How cool will it be if students can actually feel the environment of war while learning history? Or how it feels to travel at 150 km/h? Well, Virtual Reality can make it possible. With the help of VR technology, teachers can help the students in learning in a completely different way. For students, boring history classes will become something they look forward to! The use of VR in Indian schools is not impossible; schools can easily afford VR gadgets and introduce a whole new way of education.

4. Internet Of Things (IoT)

Just like Artifical Intelligence, the Internet of Things is one of the fastest-growing technology in the world. But in the field of education, IoT was a relevantly unknown term till the last year or so. Now, people are realizing how beneficial IoT can be for the students. With the help of IoT, parents and teachers can keep a much better track record of their student’s performance. Integrating IoT is not a difficult task as it means to connect several people or devices at once. CBSE and ICSE schools can easily include this educational trend in their schools.

5. Online Education

Online Education or E-learning has become one of the biggest trends in the education sector in the past few years. If a student can save time and learn the exact syllabus at home, then what is the need of sitting in the classroom for hours? More and more students have grown interested in online education due to convenience in learning through apps like Unacademy. Several schools have already opted for this technology to provide students with an option as per their comfort.

6. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology first came into the picture with the rise of Bitcoins. It was used to ensure the personal details of the user are protected under any cost. In the education field, blockchain technology can have a similar use as schools store several essential documents of teachers and students. There is always a risk of theft if the physical copies of the documents are stored at a single place. With blockchain technology, schools can keep the digital copy of these important files and keep in a much more secured place. The blockchain technology can be implemented in Indian schools with the help of IT firms.

7. Wellness Programs

In the past few years, the cases of anxiety and stress have remarkably increased in students. One might wonder, why a 15-year-old student has such stress issues? The answer is simply due to too much load in schools. Earlier, schools didn’t pay much attention to such problems, but nowadays, several schools have introduced wellness programs to tackle this issue. Implementing such wellness plans should not be an issue in schools, as it does not cost much and can help the students tackle critical problems.

we at Oswaal Books hope that schools in India will soon implement all these trends in the schools. So, students can have a better learning experience in schools.


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