7 Effective Tips to Crack JEE Main 2021 Without Coaching
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7 Effective Tips to Crack JEE Main 2021 Without Coaching

14 January 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Effective Tips to Crack JEE Main 2021 Without Coaching

Students have been wired to believe that there is no hope of cracking JEE Mains without coaching and guidance. However, one must understand that while tuitions and coaching classes can help, it is not a prerequisite for acing JEE Mains. 

The fact that JEE Mains is one of the most competitive and analytically challenging entrance examinations out there where almost 13 lakh students appear, every year, is what intimidates students and forces them to join coaching classes. It shouldn’t be overlooked that they can achieve the same or even better results if they fixate upon a particular methodology for studying and develop a sound strategy to effectively cover the entire JEE Mains 2021 syllabus with the help of the right study materials. 

In this article, we have shed light on some of the most effective tips that can help you crack JEE mains and secure a laudable rank, all by yourself.

Self-studying tips and guidelines to help crack JEE Mains without any coaching

The first and most important thing a student needs to do is have faith and never panic. This is as important as studying or solving papers, believe it or not. Your state of mind has a big role to play in how well you perform. Once that is done, then they can move on to the more technical aspects of their preparation. 

Here are 7 of the most crucial tips that you can follow if you want to pass JEE Mains 2021 with flying colours:

1. Study smart but make sure you don’t leave out the important sections

Smart studying sounds simple and something that most students could benefit from. However, it is not easy because it often gets confusing as to what is important and what is not. That is why students need to refer to a good study material that helps reduce the burden of the syllabus by simplifying complicated topics and breaking them down into a more comprehensive body of information. JEE Mains 2021 has a vast syllabus and trying to cover it all can be a bit tedious and frustrating. The trick is to refer to the reputed study material and figure out which topics are more important than others. This way, you can filter out unnecessary information and learn only that which is required. This will give you more time to spare for practice, revision, and gaining additional knowledge.


2. Solve sample papers to help prepare better 

JEE Mains Sample papers are created for the sole purpose of getting students prepared for the JEE Mains examination. These papers are drafted by some of the most skilled and experienced teachers and academic stalwarts to test a student’s aptitude. Believe it or not, no matter how hard you study and how thorough you are with your study sessions – if you do not solve ample sample papers then you are never going to develop the finesse needed to get that perfect score in your answers. Oswaal Books’ JEE Main Solved Papers are recommended by teachers and is the most favoured sample paper book for toppers. They contain questions that are usually pretty rare and challenging and this helps students prepare for the trickiest questions possible.


3. Time yourself and practise answering with mock tests

Studying is as important as practising. What you have learnt will not have any value unless you can apply in the real examination, where you have limited time and a lot of evaluative and analytical questions to answer. As it is, JEE Mains is a difficult examination to perform well in. Mock tests are your only hope in this case. These tests are designed specifically to get you into the habit of balancing your time management skills and your answer constructing skills, simultaneously. You can refer to Oswaal Books’ Mock Test Papers JEE Mains 2021 book if you want a challenge that will help you come out the other side better and stronger.


4. The first to start is usually the first in the ranks

The one who gets a head start in examinations like JEE Mains 2021, is usually almost always in a more favourable spot than most others. Keeping that very fact in mind, Oswaal Books has ensured that students can get their 15 sample paper question book, as early as possible. It is the first book of its kind (dedicated to the 2021 JEE Mains examination), to be released in the market. This can give students the boost they need to cover the entire syllabus and practice a little bit harder for that top spot.


5. Always use tools and techniques that make things easier for you

The conventional methods of studying are quite effective and you should stick to them but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with the study materials and see what makes the load a little lighter for you. For example, Oswaal Books’ 15 mock Test for JEE Mains 2021 book comes with their Mind Maps and Mnemonics to help students with the syllabus and make it easier for them to remember faster and thereby recollect easily.


6. You can never get enough additional study materials

Oswaal Books’ Mock Test Papers for JEE Mains 2021 comes with a unique QR code that students can scan to gain exclusive access to some additional study materials. This is a great help because these study materials by Oswaal Books are informative and can help the students get an upper hand.


7. Study books and solved papers that are updated according to the latest JEE Mains Pattern

Incorporating the latest JEE Mains 2021 questioning pattern the question paper pattern is crucial and while most other publishers are trying to achieve that, Oswaal Books’ 15 sample paper Book and 15 Mock test book have already been drafted by the updated guidelines by JEE. This way, the students get to optimize their learning process in an exam-oriented manner.


What you study and how you study is far more important than how long you are studying and that is what Oswaal Books believes in. By following the aforementioned pointers, you will be able to crack the JEE Mains 2021 examination while sitting at home.

What can be the other tips to crack JEE Main 2021 without coaching?Share your views in the comment section below



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