7 Compelling Reasons Why A class 10 student needs Question Banks
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7 Compelling Reasons Why A class 10 student needs Question Banks

10 July 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Compelling Reasons Why A class 10 student needs Question Banks

Students in class 10 often get confused about what to do when it comes to preparing for board exams. Board exams are typically one of the most demanding tasks to students in class 10. Most often, to be classified among toppers, you need a score above 95%.

In this article, Oswaal Books is sharing some of the primary and compelling reasons as to why you need help books when you reach class 10.


1. Preparation for board exam

When you reach class 10, the whole focus shift to the board exam. This forms the baseline why students must have class 10 Question Banks with them for thorough revision.


2. For in-depth knowledge

A Class 10 student needs to have an academic foundation and thorough theoretical understanding before tackling the board exams. Oswaal question banks contain detailed information that a student can lie to academic perfection. These books are written by experts who have vast experience in topic research and information on class 10 students’ requirements.


3. To clear fundamental concepts

When you feel the syllabus has not equipped you completely, you need to turn to Question banks. Question banks not only covers CBSE syllabus but also help in summarizing the entire work making students be at ease when revising.


4. Offers mechanisms of handling questions practically.

How hard an academic question can be, when you try to solve it using the application method, the whole thing becomes simple. This is the concept students in class 10 get when they use Question bank and sample papers. Most Class 10 sample papers for revision are set to offers students with both academic and practical understanding.


5. Practice assistance

The biggest mistake students make failing to practice what will be tested in exams. If an exam involves easy writing, then you need to practice on that before. Question banks correctly help class 10 students achieve through practice.


6. Reinforce your understanding

Question banks provide you with a chance to confirm whether you have in-depth knowledge of what has been taught. When you revise, you as well increase your understanding.


7. To fill gaps of understanding

Using question banks means going the extra mile to look for information that was not otherwise provided for by the tutor. Books such as class 10 Question bank offers students with a variety of question and answers that can increase understanding of classwork.




Oswaal books play a significant role since they help students perfect their studies. You also get a chance to utilize the time you are idle for your benefit rather than playing outside aimlessly.

What can be the other reason to buy a question bank? Share your views in the comment section below.


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