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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About class 10th board Exams.

24 February 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About class 10th board Exams.

10th board examinations are really a thing that concerns us the most. It is a very well-established fact that these exams are very important and that it will be a milestone event in the journey of our career. 10th board examinations are a moment of uncertainty when different questions generally keep on surfacing in our minds.

We often end up stressing ourselves a lot behind several questions that need to be answered at every level and to everyone. Following are the answers to the seven most frequently asked questions about 10th board examinations: -

1. How to get familiar with board question papers?

Well in order to get familiar with the board question papers you need to understand the need behind getting familiar with the question paper. The foremost need of getting acquainted with the board papers is that educational boards keep on changing their question patterns. This is where Oswaal question bank and oswaal sample papers come into play. With a wide variety of questions, these oswaal books allow you to get friendly with the previous year’s questions, and the questions that are most likely to come in the following year as well.


2. How to score well in 10th boards?

A vast majority of students have this question in their mind, well why not? After all who on earth wouldn’t like to score well. The easiest way to score well for the 10th board examinations in today’s world is to get prepared for different levels of questions. The questions in your textbooks are not enough for you to score a century in your exams. I personally studied multiple oswaal question banks, and Oswaal sample papers to give a fine up-thrust to my knowledge. And it was no surprise how I secured a 10-grade point in my board exams.


3. How to be prepared for HOTS questions?

HOTS stands for higher-order thinking skills. These questions are meant to test your perseverance and capability of problem-solving. Most of us don’t get proper conditioning at the school level to deal with questions included in the HOTS domain. Oswaal Sample papers are designed in a way to train your mind to start working in a lucid manner. These questions are basically dealt with more of a thoughtful logic rather than by just a pre-written standard terminology.


4. How to retrieve the studied portions easily?

Studying a lot of things together can be puzzling and tough. The problem comes when we try to retrieve a single topic which we have studied from all those 100 other topics. Oswaal sample paper and oswaal question bank come with a synopsis part where you can find the briefing of every chapter. It is really helpful in retrieving the studied topics in one go and at a glance.


5. How to write perfect answers for the board examinations?

Writing is an art. To know what to write is a skill. The blend of a perfect vocabulary and the perfect terminologies results in a perfect answer as an outcome. Every oswaal book is written using handpicked vocabulary and perfect terminologies which are precise and to the point. Board copies are checked using keys, which have terminologies written into it, the best way to write a perfect answer is to prepare for those terminologies, which Oswaal books give you, undoubtedly.


6.How to prepare for practical based questions?– In the latest versions of examination patterns, they have started asking questions that are based on the practical syllabus. The class education hardly reaches to the point where it can cover the practical syllabus for the board examinations. The perfect shot to hit the practical based questions is to study them from Oswaal sample papers. They have created an artistic way to form practical questions that allow you to grasp the practical based questions in a much easier way.


7. What should be the preparation strategy for the changed examination structure? –

Examination structures are well-known for their frequent change in policies. It is really hard to get things going smoothly with the frequent updates in syllabus and examinations. Text-books use the same old patterns sometimes that result in severe confusion during examinations. Oswaal books come with an updated syllabus and with new editions that enable the reader to stay updated with the changing environment.

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