5 Tips to Help Class 1-5 Students for their better learning
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5 Tips to Help Class 1-5 Students for their better learning

27 August 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

5 Tips to Help Class 1-5 Students for their better learning

Class 1-5 is especially crucial for students. Young toddler’s minds are more malleable and need to be handled carefully. What class 1-5 students learn prepares them for a lifetime of knowledge grasping and shapes their academic future. Both parents and educators need to handle the students in this age group more smartly.

Keeping this in mind, Oswaal Books has listed 5 tips for class 1-5 students to learn better and in a more fulfilling way to pave their way for success below.


1. Set up a Learning Schedule

Schedules are an important part of our lives and class 1-5 students need to be taught this in the nascent stages of their learning. The best way to get started with schedules is to prepare a schedule along with the child, teaching them what they need to keep in mind while making a schedule and teaching them the importance of sticking to a schedule. This way, class 1-5 children will not only learn the value of setting schedules and goals, but they will also understand the value of using their time judiciously.


2. Make a “Remember” Chart 

Young minds are exposed to so many thoughts in a day, that remembering the important things becomes impossible for them. To segregate the important learnings of the day, make a “remember” chart for your child. You can stick it on a wall in your house or better still, near the child’s study place. Then, you can ask the child to write or write important things to remember on the chart. Make the child revisit the chart regularly to understand and keep in mind the important learning points of the day.


3. Use Everyday Objects as Learning References

Can a math problem be explained with anything better than apples and oranges? Everyday objects are the best way to spark a child’s interest in studies. It shows them the application of what they’re studying in their everyday life. Hence, if you’re teaching the child something, it is best if you use the object in question to demonstrate the concept better. If you’re teaching the child about seeds, show them a seed. If you’re teaching them math, make them calculate it with the help of fruits. If you’re teaching them English, explain grammar with an everyday action.


4. Use Workbooks to Inculcate Writing Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. The sooner a child learns this, the better. Fortunately, parents no longer need to prepare manual worksheets for their children. The academic world has introduced workbooks to make children practice their learnings. Oswaal Book’s Class 1-5 workbooks are interactive, updated, and precise strictly as per the latest NCERT guidelines. Each chapter includes a variety of questions and enough writing space for students. Buy an Oswaal Book Workbook for class 1-5 students online at a discount now!


5. Use Gestures and Recitation to Explain Concepts

A combination of oral recitations and hand gestures has been proven to be one of the best learning techniques for class 1-5 students. Many concepts can be simply committed to their memory if they actively recite it one or two times every day. Things like poems, multiplication tables, and formulas fall into this category. Make the use of active gestures and oral recitation to make learning more enjoyable and interactive for the child


When you teach them using the above tips, class 1-5 students don’t just enjoy learning, but they are also able to commit what they’ve learned to their memories better. The above tips also help to impart the best learning practices in them which stays with them through their academic journey.

What can be the other ways to help class 1 to 5 students? Put your answers in the comment section below.



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