5 Tips for class 10th students to excel in Board Examinations
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5 Tips for class 10th students to excel in Board Examinations

26 June 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

5 Tips for class 10th students to excel in Board Examinations

It is high time for the class 10th board students to realize that their “show-time” is round the corner and that soon they will be going to put forth their preparations in black and white. As of now, several unanswered questions and queries must be getting surfaced in the hearts and minds of all. So here Oswaal Books are going to provide you with the best advice about class 10th board exams:


1. Sufficient time should be given to self-studies 


Self-study is the ultimate resort for a student preparing for exams. In the case of the board exam, it is yet again the best tool for outstanding preparation. The fact of the matter in this regard is that when your study on your own, you got to know yourself. Your weakness, your strong points, the points where you need to be more focused. Hence, try to study on your own. There should always be more saturation of self-studies in your daily schedule of studies. Once you get introduced with yourself you will come to a point where you will feel confident about something you have prepared on your own. Hence, study hard and study on your own.


2. Ensure speed and accuracy 


Your speed is of much importance in either way, when preparing for the exams and when attempting the exam. A slower person will not be able to cope up with the exam schedule and will ultimately lose points, and attempts. Whereas, a reflexive person will quickly get down to his/her answers without wasting a fraction of time. Another factor that comes along with speed is accuracy. Accuracy blended with speed will eventually result in the best outcome. Practicing with Oswaal Sample papers will provide you in-depth essence of what actually time and accuracy areThe sample papers are designed in a manner that will make the students learn how to write answers effectively and efficiently.


3. The good time-table will make the preparation easy


Following a good time-table is the habit of winners. A good time-table is like a promise to yourself about the things that you expect from yourself to be done. But following that time-table is more of a commitment. Until and unless you’re not committed to your time-table, nobody can make you prepare for exams until then. A good time table is a resource by which you do things in an expected manner and you get your things done in the same manner. Gearing up in advance is what I call it. Practicing Oswaal question banks will make your time-table to get followed in a more efficient way.



4. Solve sample papers


Solving the sample papers is again a quick view in the future. You get to know what sort of papers come in the exams, what is the exam pattern, what is the difficulty level etc. The more you solve, the more confident you will become. Trust me, I have tried it all, and I have got the results. Being a former student, it was one of my biggest concern and a source of worries that “what actually are these board papers?” but alas! Oswaal sample papers and Oswaal question banks provided me a key solution to all of my queries. It gave me the confidence that was much needed even to enter the examination hall. Again, solving sample papers will make you familiar with the actual question paper days before the examination.


5. Prioritize your attempts


Always attempt the easy questions first and then move on to the manageable ones and ensure that you complete them before taking on the difficult ones. This will ensure that you are not leaving any question that you know.

Once you successfully attempt all the easy and manageable questions, your confidence will grow and you will be mentally ready to take on the more challenging questions. Jumping directly onto to the tougher ones will land you to the island of troubles, as you may get panicked, as a result of that you may forget things you already know. So, that is why it is always suggested to attempt the things you know well first, and then go for the things that you feel are tougher. 


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