5 Things You Should Know About Oswaal Class 10 Sample Question Papers
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5 Things You Should Know About Oswaal Class 10 Sample Question Papers

17 June 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Class 10 Sample Question Papers

Nothing prepares class 10 students for exams like sample papers.

Sample papers, as the name suggests, are a collection of mock practice paper set exactly like class 10 exam papers by experienced educators who have been paper-setters in the past. It is one of the best ways to let students practice what they have learned and to put their knowledge to test in an exam-ready way.


In this article, we give you 5 things you should know about Oswaal class 10 sample papers.


1. Sufficient Practice Papers

A single question paper is not enough to test class 10 students’ knowledge sufficiently. We have designed the book, keeping this in mind. The book includes 5 solved question papers containing all typologies of questions, quick revision notes, and answering tips as specified under the latest CBSE 2021 guidelines. Students can put all this knowledge to test by taking up the 5 self-assessment papers and see how much they score. Then, they can improvise their scores further by taking up tests multiple times.



2. Includes All Subjects

We know the pain students go through on managing so many books at once. That’s why we’ve included all the subjects’ sample solved and unsolved papers into one book! You get 5 solved and 5 unsolved of these which gives ample exposure for each of the subjects. No more hassle of purchasing and managing multiple sample books! You get the best of sample papers by investing in a single book.



3. Videos Included for Digital Edge

Along with paperback knowledge, students need the aid of digital knowledge to help them understand concepts better. In our sample question set, we provide NCERT videos that students can use as a complementary aid to understanding important concepts in each subject better. Each of these digital aids has been designed by experts keeping in mind the digital techniques that help students understand complex concepts and subjects in a better manner.



4. Features to Make Students Exam-Ready

Exam papers are designed by educators such that they include all the different types of questions to assess students’ all-round knowledge. Our sample papers, designed keeping this in mind, include a well-balanced structure comprising of different types of questions. Questions come with answering tips and commonly made errors to instill clear thinking in students. The on-tips notes ensure a crisp and quick revision of important topics. All these features have been carefully curated by our expert board of educators with more than two decades of experience in the field of teaching.



5. Based on Latest Curriculum and Guidelines 

The Oswaal Sample papers book has been designed as per the latest guidelines and updated curriculum issued by CBSE on 29th March 2020 for the Academic year 2020-2021, closely following the latest NCERT textbooks. Thus, we ensure our students stay up-to-date with the paper formats and marking criteria to fully prepare them for their upcoming exams.


Clearly, Oswaal Class 10 Sample Question Papers is not a supplementary study book anymore. It is an essential part of a students’ class 10 journey to equip him towards the path to exam-readiness. Why wait? Buy our Oswaal Class 10 Sample Question Papers book at a special discount today!


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