5 Simple Things Teachers Can Do to Help All Children Study well
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5 Simple Things Teachers Can Do to Help All Children Study well

8 July 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

5 Simple Things Teachers Can Do to Help All Children Study well

Schools are an integral part of a student’s life as they help students prepare for their future. However, it is the teachers who play the most pivotal role in a student’s life as they help them grow and nurture into capable individuals. Some want their students to get good grades while others want them to increase involvement among peers and groups. Irrespective of the measure of success, these are five simple things that every teacher can do to help children study well.


Be Transparent and Ready to Help

Your class should be easy enough for all students to understand. If you assign a complicated or subjective assignment such as an essay or a research paper, encourage students to make mistakes on their own and then discuss the commonly made mistakes as a class activity so that everyone gets a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes.


Encourage students to read at home with their families

Provide suggested age-graduated children’s book lists to families. Families are often unsure of what their child should read, especially outside the syllabus; book lists can help them choose books of appropriate difficulty, and provide examples of high-quality children’s books. Develop a system for students to take books home, read with their families, and write reports on the books they have read. This will help the students develop their vocabulary as well as develop a productive habit!!


Show every student that you care

Students can always sense how and what you feel about them, so be aware of what you are projecting towards the student. Regardless of your individual feelings, it is important that you work with each of your students to ensure their success. Try to be a part of their emotional circle. Try to connect with the most outspoken as well as the most silent child. Be excited with them. Act like you are happy to be there and see them. Take an interest in their personal lives and try to incorporate some of that into your teaching methodology.


Keep using different methods to teach

When you vary teaching methods, you provide students with a greater opportunity to learn. Every student has different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of just focusing on one method that only appeals to a single learning style, varying your teaching techniques allow you to cater your lessons to different learning styles. Students will be more successful if they are not bored. For example, instead of lecturing for an entire 60-minute class, do 30 minutes of lecture, 30 minutes of work, or group discussion. Students like it when you change things up and they’re not doing the exact same thing every class period.


Delve into the depths of topics and practice

Students usually lose interest in subjects or topics because either they do not understand it or they have problems solving questions pertaining to it. Teachers can use supplementary books such as Question Banks, sample papers as well as Comprehensive Books which give an in-depth understanding of the subjects. Oswaal Books has a lot of books that can help students understand the topics in different subjects and practice as well as analyze their progress. This practice is especially helpful for weaker students who have difficulty grasping certain subjects or parts of it.


What can be the other things teachers Can Do to Help All Children Study well? Share your views in the comment section below.

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