5 real life lessons for class 10th students.
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5 real life lessons for class 10th students.

27 December 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

5 real life lessons for class 10th students.

It was not so long ago when humanity realized that learning from real-life examples is quite a thing that we can do very efficiently. As a matter of fact, there are several advantages to it. First of all, you don’t have to repeat someone else’s mistake to try your own. Lol! You can learn from other people’s life to know what you should be avoiding and what you should be pursuing. Class 10th is a point in life, where we all get this feeling of uncertainty, the unpredictability of circumstances and much more running rats in the stomach. Today, I will emphasize on 5 real-life lessons which you can keep in your mind as a class 10th student.


1. Hard work is always the catch

 There is no shortcut to success, they say, and there is no replacement of hard work. So, get your things to get working. For you to get familiar with the board patterns and how the questions are asked or their level of difficulty, it is of utmost importance that you practice previous year question papers. As a former student, I would firmly suggest you use oswaal question banks and oswaal class 10th sample papers. The more variety of questions you will face, the more familiar your actual question paper will look to you. I personally practiced 5 question papers from previous years for each subject, all from Oswaal books itself. They provide vast surface of papers at one place, and in addition to that, all the formulae are stacked at a glance, which I love the most.



2. Uncertainty is the key 

Board papers are every year’s secret recipe. You can’t really predict about them as they keep on making changes in their pattern. As a former board topper, I used this uncertain circumstance to bring out the best in me. I took every oswaal book sample paper into account and I practiced daily. Moreover, oswaal question banks gave me a vast scope of questions in the peak hours of my examinations. And out of surprise, guess what, not a single question that came was out of my scope of preparation. Thanks to #Oswaalbooks. So, take advantage of the uncertainty to bring out the best version of yourself.



3. Trust your guts-

Preparing for the board examinations throughout the year is one thing and giving the examinations in a real-life scenario is another. The most important thing for you is that you have to trust your guts. Be confident about what you have studied. Don’t be doubtful towards your responses. Doubt creates a segregated outcome while writing responses to a particular question. Be confident enough to hustle through the question paper. As you have prepared it from the multiple question papers of Oswaal question bank, hence, make yourself believe that you know the paper, and there is nothing new about it. A sense of confidence is a crucial thing to keep on reviving your memory to surf through the question paper.



4. Stop jumping to the conclusions

You have to understand that you’re in a process, a process of evolution, daily, weekly, monthly. It is an everyday fight from yourself to be a better version of yourself. And in the meantime, as a human being, we are all bound to make mistakes, no matter what. So, stop jumping to the negative conclusions. A negative conclusion is something that we generally make after facing the downside of a particular effort. We start thinking about all the possible negative outcomes of that effort. Well! Stop doing that now. A negative mindset if far more hazardous than anything else. Stay tuned with #OswaalBlogs for more.



5. Fetching out the best

Examinations are meant to test your patience, persistence, capability, and endurability apart from just testing your knowledge. We all have studied the same syllabus, books, and courses. What really makes the difference in one’s approach towards the examinations, which is, however, the day when your examination temper is tested. To fetch out the best from the opportunity you should have enough of what you have studied throughout the year like the warrior has ammunition for every possible circumstance. Oswaal books gives you the exact dose of varied circumstances through their sample papers and question banks that are really of important help.

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