5 Preparation Tips to get Exam Ready for CBSE Class 12 Term-1 Exams
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5 Preparation Tips to get Exam Ready for CBSE Class 12 Term-1 Exams

20 September 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

5 Preparation Tips to get Exam Ready for CBSE Class 12 Term-1 Exams

There are only a few months left to the term 1 board exams for classes 10th and 12th. Students are preparing with their full strength and focus. Keeping in mind that the final percentage will be calculated on the basis of the term 1 and 2 exam scores, the pressure amongst the students is high. According to the new pattern, the 90-minute exam will be conducted on an OMR basis, including only MCQ questions. 

Class 12th students are under immense anxiety as their final board percentage determines their colleges and universities. Thus, performing well in the term-1 boards is a MUST. 

So, here are 5 tips that will reduce the pressure off their mind and positively benefit their studies. Further, to help them out and get them completely ready for these exams, Oswaal books have specially launched the CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 12 are available in multiple subjects. These books are exam-targeted explicitly with the academically important question. It helps the students in becoming bullet-proof ready for their exams. Adding to these books, here are the study tips:

1. Practicing your way to success: 

The most straightforward way to scoring good marks is by practicing frequently asked questions. These are available on the internet, various practice books and can also be solved under your teacher’s guidance. Solving past year questions helps students understand the exam pattern, analyze their mistakes, and be thorough with the questions that might get asked in the board exams. Students also get a good grasp of the different typologies of questions that can be asked in different subjects.

2. Focus on NCERT: 

The most common mistake that students often make is by underestimating their course books. Students must be thoroughly prepared with their NCERT books in all the subjects. After being perfectly ready with NCERT, they should start practicing from other books

3. Make a timetable: 

Balancing time is, without a doubt, an essential skill for a student. Be it while giving the exam or during the preparatory months. A timetable helps the students balance their study hours amongst all the subjects and allows the regular practice. Keeping a timetable will also help the brain in maintaining a well-planned routine.

4. Make a study-revision booklet: 

One of the best ways of revising your one-markers daily is by making revision notes. Since it is impossible to read entire chapters, again and again, a revision booklet with 1- marker questions will help students in easy revision. Students should adequately maintain differentiated booklets for each subject and note down all the important MCQ questions they find in their textbooks. This way, they can go through the booklet regularly and keep the MCQs fresh in their minds.  

5. Keeping a clear mind:

One of the best techniques to maintain a streamlined study pattern and mental health is keeping a clear mind. Often, exams and results overwhelm students. Thus, it is essential to have a calm state and mind. Students are advised to practice yoga and exercise regularly. Talking to friends and their parents about exam anxiety extensively helps as well. Students must also keep a balanced diet and stay hydrated throughout. 

All of these pointers can help the students in easily preparing for the upcoming Term-1 board exams. By following these tips, students can prepare for the exam calmly and in a streamlined manner. 

Along with these pointers, the Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 12, are available for all the major subjects, acts as the cherry on top. The books are available for the students belonging to the different streams. It can help them prepare easily through the On-Tips Notes’ for Quick Revision, 5 Solved & 10 Self-Assessment Papers and All Types of MCQs.

So, with these study pointers and books, top scores are definitely a sure shot! Go ahead and grab them!


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