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20 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Well, this is tricky. History is something that you can’t understand fully, and you can’t cover everything because it talks about years and years of data.


What you can do is try to develop a relation with it.


Develop a curiosity for it, and only then you’ll be able to build a relationship with it.


But for that you need time, and now is not that time.


Right now, the only thing you can do is use these few tips given by Nabanita Parmanik, worked in the Dept. of Social Science of the Jain University, Bangalore.



So, without much delay, Let’s start.


1. Story of the first cities, Harappan Archaeology – There’s so much in this chapter that you can’t even learn in an entire semester, let alone few days. But the most recurring topics in this chapter that you should mug up are – features of Harappan Cultures, Mohan jo Daro, and End of Civilisation.


No doubt these are lengthy topics but try to understand the timeline of them. It might help!



2. Political & Economical History, how inscriptions tell a story – For this particular chapter, try to spend not more than 3 days. Because it’s too vast, its too difficult and confusing, and it’s not recommended go for this particular chapter in the last days and it’ll confuse you and after a while you’ll panic as much days wouldn’t be left for others.       


The only concept that you can go for is – The Early States. This one has more potential to come into the exam, and comparatively easier.


In this particular try to learn names and their functions rather than theory.



3. Social History, Using the Mahabharata –Social differences within and beyond the framework of caste” – Note this down, this one is must, MUST, to come.


It’s quite easy as well and you’ll cover it quickly. Cover this before everything.   



4. History of Buddhism – This one the most scoring one and mostly much of the papers is based on this particular chapter. It’s of high weightage. The only thing is that this one is also too vast to cover in such a short time.


Sanchi Stupa is one of the high weightage chapters and quite easy too. Go for this one. Also, Amaravati Stupa is quite small chapter and you should definitely cover this one.     


Also, Jainism & Buddhism is equally important. It’s of high weightage so don’t miss this chapter.



5. Religious Histories – Bhakti & Sufi tradition is quite interesting and scoring as well. Try to do this after the 3rd tip. It wouldn’t take much of your time and make you prepare well.


Finally, this is quite difficult but scoring as well – Popular practice of Islam and the growth of the system.



Bottom Line


These tips are an opinion of an expert but it’s also possible that you’ll find them not that useful. In the same place, it’s also possible that these might work great for your preparations.


Whether you’re done with your preparation or not, using these tips wouldn’t harm you in any way. So, try to work on these.



All the Best!        



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