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19 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Business studies, study of business, but is it just limited to the business world?


If you wish open up your own business or work in a business, you need to understand its anatomy, its workings and its infrastructure.


Business studies lets you understand all that.


The skills like decision making, loss control, employee relationship, organic and valuable advertising, and so forth, help to grow your business mind and your overall personality as well. 


These have been curated by Oswaal Editorial Board which you can implement in your preparations.


If you have worked hard and wish to brush up your preparations, this blog is for you.


If you are a little behind in your preparations, this blog is definitely for you.



Let’s START!


1. Principles of Management – In this Unit, you’ll find tons of information. It’s mostly theory-based and as the question paper is going to be MCQ-based, you can’t cover this entire chapter in such a short time.


One thing that you can still do is study most important concept of it – Fayol’s principal of management.


It’s the most scoring one, it’s a little lengthy though, but it’s easy. So, go for this particular concept.


Another concept is Taylor’s Scientific Management, it’s far easier and you’ll cover it easily. Go for its techniques instead of concept.


Another thing you can do is make a table of the differences between Taylor’s and Fayol’s.  



2. Business Environment – The concept and importance both are scoring, but quite lengthy.


Also try to understand the various dimensions of ‘Business Environment’.



3. Planning – In the planning chapter, the importance and limitations both are important.


Avoid the concept part as it’s time-taking and you’ll get confused.



4. Organisation – The concept and importance are quite lengthy for Organisation chapter. It’s recommended to do delegation and decentralisation. These two concepts are equally difficult but they are short and scoring.


Invest your 3 days to decentralisation and delegation. Also, while doing so, try to learn about difference between delegation and decentralisation.



5. Marketing – Note down this - Labelling, Branding, and Packaging are must to come in the question paper. DON’T MISS THESE.


The marketing philosophies are equally important but time-taking and quite confusing, so at this moment you can avoid them.


Also, don’t miss the functions of marketing, they are highly recommended.



Wrapping it Up!


These are the five tips for Business Studies and we hope you’ll find them interesting and helpful.



NEXT – Tomorrow we’ll provide tips for History, stay tuned! 



All the Best!     



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