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22 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Biology – The understanding of the anatomy of anything living around us, in the layman’s words.


Although everything is fascinating when it comes to the study of Biology, but when your exams are so close, you need to work on the most important ones and also the most scoring ones.  


Here are the 5 tips curated by the editorial board of Oswaal Books on Biology subject for CBSE class 12 students for term 1 board exams.


So, without further delay, let’s get started.



1. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant – This is a vast unit and although involves easy concepts, it takes lots of time to cover this entirely.


Therefore, you should go for the most important concepts in this unit. Double Fertilisation is one such concept. Also, types of pollination, apomixes, parthenocarpy and polyembryony are equally important ones.  



2. Human Reproduction – In this unit, spermatogenesis & gametogenesis are highly scoring ones. If you have completed these tow concepts then only you should start working on mensuration cycle and hormones.


Apart from these, placenta is equally important but a little confusing, so try to do this after you have done all the other concepts.



3. Reproductive Health The concept of birth control methods is very easy and important. It’s highly recommended and if you haven’t worked on this, then you start it now. It’s also recommended to learn all the full forms as they may appear in the MCQ paper.


Also, it’s obvious that the diagrams wouldn’t come, but should definitely go through them for ones. It’s possible that some part of a particular diagram could be asked.


Apart from that, the reproductive technologies are also an interesting and scoring concept, and it wouldn’t take you much time to cover this one, so it’s perfect at this moment.



4. Principals of Inheritance and variation – This is vast, and you can’t cover all but few things that you can are – Mendal’s Laws are highly important. The 3 laws of Mendal are must to come so DO NOT MISS THEM. Also, the usage of these laws is equally important.


Also, the incomplete dominance and co-dominance are two important concept of this unit and few questions would surely come from one of these.


Apart from these, sex linked inheritance is one of the scoring ones. In this, Haemophilia and colour blindness are important. Go through the diagrams and tables of these two concepts as the case-based question can arrive from them.  


And finally learn all the syndromes – down syndrome, turners syndrome, klinefelter syndrome.



5. Molecular Basis of Inheritance – central dogma and genetic code are most important ones in this unit.


Also, process of transcription and DNA finger printing are scoring as well.


Finally, try to give more attention to the diagrams as they are the trickiest part of any concept. Also, try to stick to the concept and the syllabus.



Wrapping it Up!


These are the five tips for Biology and we hope you find them interesting and helpful.



All the Best!             



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