5 common misconceptions about CBSE Class 12th
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5 common misconceptions about CBSE Class 12th

29 November 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Misconception about class 12 cbse board exams

Exam preparations often become a burden when you fail to identify the right approach. Simply putting long hours to study, does not often suffice to the needs. The stress becomes even more prominent for students of 12th standard as they not only have to score better in the board exams but also have to score good enough for cracking college cut-offs.

Adding to the academic pressure are certain myths and misconceptions that doubles the pressure.

To soothe your brain nerves and reduce your stress, here we give you some important tips and suggestions to prepare yourself better. The most important learning is to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety especially when your exams are on your head. Stay calm and work hard with smartness and results will definitely come your way.


Study according to your comfort and pace

The most common misconception, especially among elders is about the hours dedicated to studies. Most often people think that more the number of study hours, better the result. However, this does not hold true for everyone. The attention and concentration you give towards your studies is more important than the number of hours you spend with your books. Make your own time-table; allot specific time for each subject and upon completing every chapter try to solve questions related to that chapter using CBSE Question Banks and sample question papers. This will give you a clear idea about your preparation for facing an exam.

Understand the difference between hard work and smart work

It is often said that "hard work brings success." However, one should also understand that working smart is as important as working hard. Instead of wasting your time by reading several books on the same subject, stick to a few good books with detailed explanation and concentrate on retention of knowledge rather than gathering knowledge and forgetting it. More books create more confusion and put you under pressure. So, assess the weightage of every chapter in every subject and give importance according to that. To know how well you are prepared, refer to class 12th unsolved papers and CBSE class 12th question papers to get a better picture of examination pattern.

A balance between your board exams and entrance exams

Another common misconception among students is that they feel board exams are not as important as entrance exams. However, this is not true. It is very important to score well in your board exams while preparing for your entrance exams. To do this, you must specifically not ignore descriptive questions. In every subject, solve at least 5 to 10 question papers of previous years to get a better idea about the exact pattern.

Never avoid self-study

Most of the students feel that attending lectures and coaching classes are just enough to score well at their exams. But this is again a big misconception. Lectures and coaching classes cannot give you magical results without self-study. Prepare a timetable for yourself and stick-on to it. Ensure that you do not miss out this crucial time of self-study due to any reason. A self-study time is the best time for revision. Sit and revise whatever you have learned in your classes to make them thorough in your head. Use CBSE Question Banks for your self-evaluation. This will give you a fair good idea and might boost your confidence too.

Do not neglect extra language paper

When it comes to board exams, extra language opted is as important as any other optional paper. Generally, students neglect language paper in their eagerness to prepare for optional subjects. But remember, a low score in your language paper will have an adverse effect on your overall percentage. Know the weightage of every chapter or every topic and study accordingly. Go through CBSE class 12th sample question papers to understand the question paper pattern and prepare accordingly.

Board exams are as important as your entrance exams and they will help you design your future in a better way. So prepare yourself well and attend exams confidently to gain success.

Best of Luck! and Follow #Oswaal Books as your one-stop solution to all your academic preparations. 



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