4 Reasons why 5-Years Solved Papers are better than 10-Years Solved Papers
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4 Reasons why 5-Years Solved Papers are better than 10-Years Solved Papers

11 August 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

4 Reasons why 5-Years Solved Papers are better than 10-Years Solved Papers

No matter how efficient a student you may be, your preparation for the examination is what is going to sail your ship through the turmoils. Nonetheless, students are often found confused between the huge variety of test papers, sample papers, and reference books available in the market, each of which guarantees good marks. For instance, a common question asked by the students is whether they should follow 5 years solved papers or 10 years solved papers? Surprisingly, the majority of professionals suggest that one should prefer 5-years test papers above 10-years. Therefore, let us read more about the reasons why 5-years solved papers are better than 10-years solved papers.


1. Understanding the New Paper Patterns

Question Paper patterns are bound to change over a period of time to boost creative, critical, and analytical thinking amongst students. Consequently, it is better to study from 5-years solved papers and understand the newer/latest patterns followed in the question papers, which 10-years solved papers may fail to provide. 

It is quite evident that the current education system is proportionately inclined towards objective questions, and not just bookish knowledge, which tends to increase creative thinking amongst students. Being the initiative of recent times, such objective questions are not available in 10-year solved papers. In a nutshell, if you want to learn and familiarize yourself with new paper patterns, you must follow newer solved papers and not older ones.


2. Latest Curriculum and New Syllabus followed

Basically, the education system keeps on evolving to upgrade the entire arrangement. According to the new-age education system, it is important to implement competency-based education in the school systems to connect strongly with the children. As a result, a new curriculum and syllabus are bound to be introduced over a period of time to keep up with the changes required in the education system. 

Thereby, 5-years solved papers are more likely to be based on the latest curriculum and new syllabus, clearly making it more efficient than 10-years solved papers. So, in order to follow the new syllabus and curriculum, students should not refer to the old solved test papers and should stick to a newer set of solved papers.

3. Analyzing Important Concepts

It is quite certain that the questions or topics which are not covered in the last 5-years are less likely to be asked in the coming years. So, why study irrelevant or unimportant topics from the last 10-years solved question papers when you can prepare sufficiently from 5-years papers. 

Be it CBSE or ICSE, question papers are set from and within the syllabus that has been followed by the students. And, the entire syllabus is broken down to important and not-so-important topics/questions. 5-years solved papers make the students analyze the type of questions that are being asked in the last years, which topics are focused upon, which topics are not-so-important, etc. As a whole, it simplifies the preparation pattern for students and gives them enough time to revise their syllabus.


4. Less is More

Preparation time for exams is a critical time leaving most of the students under pressure. It is often seen that the students end up being exhausted with their syllabus, reference books, sample papers to solve and what not. Nonetheless, experts have been advising that overloading yourself with multiple study material will eventually lead you into a cumbersome situation, which is of no help at all. Instead, students must adopt a systematic and organized study pattern with limited but efficient study material. Hence, the 4th reason why 5-years solved papers are better than 10-years solved papers is that- less is more. 

If you study from 5-years test papers, you will be exposed to new question paper patterns, new marking schemes, and new syllabus which is 100% better than older test papers. Moreover, with 5-year test papers, you just have to analyse and solve fewer papers with more efficiency than question papers of the last 10 years. The deduction is quite easy to understand, it is better to use 

fewer but favorable information than plentiful but not-so-favorable information.


Our Verdict

After reading all the reasons quoted above, it would be very clear why one should prefer 5-years test papers above 10-years test papers. First of all, 5-years papers will give you access to newer question paper patterns which 10-years might fail to give. Secondly, the syllabus keeps on changing with time as per the requirement of the prevailing times. Hence, newer test papers are more advanced as compared to older ones. Moreover, it is always better to study well from lesser resources than studying from 10 different sources and ending up confused. Whatever you choose for your exam preparation, make sure it is inclined with your syllabus and works in a positive way. Give your best and leave the rest.

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What can be the other reasons to solve previous 5yr question papers?, share your views in the comment section below. 


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