3 Top Secrets to Keep in Mind While in CBSE Class 9
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3 Top Secrets to Keep in Mind While in CBSE Class 9

26 November 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

secret tips for cbse class 9th

CBSE Class 9 is a very crucial year in your academic life. This is the class where you really begin to take your studies more seriously than ever and need to accommodate extra hours of studies in your schedule. While you don’t have to worry about CBSE board exams in Class 9, it can build a solid foundation for Class 10. Hence, you need to become more focused in Class 9.

Here  Oswaal Books is sharing the top three secrets that can prepare you well for Class 9:

Prepare a Timetable                                                            

At the beginning of the academic year of Class 9, prepare a detailed timetable allocating your school timings, commuting hours, refreshment breaks, sleep hours and home/tuition study hours. Decide your weak and strong subjects, their syllabus and allocate study time accordingly to each subject. Put this timetable on the wall or cupboard of your study room and follow it religiously. When you know what to do at a time it will help you to plan your studies and routine more systematically.


Make Study Notes

It is understandable that your mind may not be able to retain everything that is taught in the class or during self-study. Hence, it is important to make notes for each subject, highlighting important concepts and keywords. At the time of exams, you can easily refer to these notes and do quick revisions instead of spending time finding answers and solutions at the last minutes. You can even make chart papers of formulas and theorems and stick them at various places on your home. Whenever you pass by these charts, just spend a few minutes memorizing them every day. By the time exams approach, you would have learned them by heart.


Refer CBSE Help Books

In addition to your regular school textbooks, it is always advisable to refer CBSE help books. These help books contain elaborate information on various subjects to help you study beyond classroom learning and score higher marks. They encompass various reading tips and tricks, toppers answers, solved papers, sample question papers, mind maps, flow charts, different question patterns, and many other useful resources.

The help books from Oswaal Books are always updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus and revised regularly by its editorial team to follow the latest board exam trends. The features of Oswaal Help Books are listed below:


  1. Question Banks 
  • Strictly based on CBSE board and NCERT curriculum
  • Chapter and topic-wise introduction
  • Board exam questions of previous years from different boards
  • Solved papers with marking scheme prescribed by the boards
  • Answers written by board toppers
  • Mind maps and flowcharts for visual memory
  • On-tips notes
  • Different question patterns – MCQs, HOTS, VSA, Value-based and short/long/very long
  • Video links in every chapter for a digital learning experience
  1. Pullout Worksheets
  • Chapter and topic-wise practice papers
  • Maximum time and maximum marks with each practice paper
  • Previous years’ board questions
  • Board examiners comments and answering tips
  • Suggestions and answering tips for students given by the board
  • Mind maps for remembering facts and figures
  • Free solutions on the website of the publisher of help books
  1. Unsolved Papers/Solved Papers
  • Strictly based on the latest syllabus
  • Chapter and topic-wise questions
  • HOTS and evaluation questions
  • Previous year question papers
  • Handwritten answers of toppers
  • Periodic test-series for pre-mid, mid and post-midterm preparation
  • Typology of questions as per the question paper design issued by CBSE
  • Includes Know the Terms/Facts/Formulae/Links/Flowcharts
  1. Sample Question Papers
  • Based on the latest CBSE board syllabus of the ongoing academic year
  • A set of 10-15 model test papers
  • Five solved papers with prescribed marking scheme and word limit
  • Toppers’ handwritten answers
  • On-tips notes, answering tips and mind maps for crisp revision
  • Commonly made errors section for clearer thinking
  • Latest hybrid edition with e-learning activities
  • Solutions available on the website of the publisher of help books


  1. NCERT Solutions (Exemplar+Textbook)


  • Based on the latest syllabus of NCERT textbook and Intext questions
  • Chapter and topic-wise questions
  • Quick review and mind maps for clarity of concepts
  • Know the links and tip-tricks for detailed study
  • Important questions along with answers
  • Fully solved questions from previous years’ CBSE board papers
  • Expert advice and some commonly made errors to avoid mistakes done by students
  • Latest hybrid edition with e-learning activities
  • QR codes for easy access on your mobile handset

CBSE Class 9 studies and preparations are definitely challenging. But, the above secrets will empower you to use your time effectively and focus better.

Best of Luck! and Follow #Oswaal Books as your one-stop solution to all your academic preparations. 

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