3 Things Every Class 10 Student Must Invest In
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3 Things Every Class 10 Student Must Invest In

9 June 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

3 Things Every Class 10 Student Must Invest In

Class 10 students invest in a lot of things to make their journey smooth. While most of the things they buy solely depend on their necessity, there are three things every class 10 student must invest in. Oswaal books call these three things investment, for it is not too expensive to buy or make them, but if used correctly, these things can be of great value to a student looking to excel in his class 10 exams.


1. A Distraction-Free Study Space

Students, especially those preparing for class 10 exams, have so many resources to manage and so much to do that they often end up strewing everything all over their houses. The result? Chaos and unnecessary wastage of time every time you reach out for something. Why not keep everything in one place and call it your study space?

Your own distraction-free study space is like a temple for you. You can keep all your stuff like class 10 books, laptop, stationery, papers, bag, and a water bottle organized in one place. It doesn’t even have to be a complete room.  Just a dedicated nook or space in your house you can peacefully choose to study is fine as long as it is airy and free from distractions.


2. A Bulletin Board

A class 10 student’s life is strewn with papers all over the place: flyers, notes, flashcards, reminders. Place them where you can see them so that you remember what needs to be remembered: on a bulletin board. You don’t need an expensive setting to set up your personal bulletin board. Just a piece of cardboard and a few pins from the local stationery. Place the cardboard against a wall or the back of a door near your study space and viola! Now you have a place where you can easily pin your test-papers, reminders, flashcards, diagrams, news articles, and any other important pieces of paper right before your eyes, without having to worry about losing them.


3. E-Books

The world is taking steps towards a digital classroom. You don’t want to be left behind. If you’re reading this article, we assume you have a digital device and access to the internet. That is all that it takes to invest in an e-book. An e-book occupies less space, is less expensive, and is easier to manage than a paperback. You can also carry your e-book around with you in your digital device. E-books are anytime, anywhere!

Keeping in mind the benefits of E-Books Oswaal Books has made available all books in E-book form. Want to get your hands on your favorite subject’s e-book? Buy all class 10 e-books like class 10 Question Banks, Class 10 Sample Question Papers at flat 25% off on Oswaal Books. Hurry! This is a limited period offer!

Each of these three resources is neither too expensive nor too hard to get your hands on. All three of these resources will add unprecedented value to your class 10 studies and help organize your time so that you can come out of your class 10 exams with flying colors!

In your views What can be the other things, Every Class 10 Student Must Invest In share your views in the comment section below.


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