3 Biggest Problems in Choosing Career and How Can You Fix Them
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3 Biggest Problems in Choosing Career and How Can You Fix Them

16 April 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

3 Biggest Problems in Choosing Career and How Can You Fix Them

Choosing your career path is a very momentous decision because it decides the future course of your professional life. Many times, students end up making a wrong career choice which they regret later and can’t do much about it. In order to make sure you take a rational and well-thought decision, Oswaal Books comes with three biggest challenges you may face and how you can tackle them.

1. Lack of Guidance

While there is tons of information on the internet regarding various career options available for students, it is more generic in nature. Every student has his or her own aptitude and career preference and hence needs customized counseling. There are a very few reliable career guidance counseling mentors, websites or physical centers which look into this aspect.

Solution: Before you start browsing through online or offline career guidance information, do a self-assessment of your ability and passion. Talk to your teachers, parents, school/college alumni or a trustworthy career counseling center about your choices. They will be able to help you explore opportunities in that career domain, what skills you would need to develop and which educational courses you should pursue further.

2. Peer and Parent Pressure

In most probability, you are likely to consider a career which your friends or classmates have chosen or as your parents desire. This kind of pressure is very common among students. You feel that your peers are making the right career choice or your parents know what’s best for you. In order to compete with your friends or make your parents happy, you end up with a wrong career.

Solution: First of all you need to understand that it is absolutely fine to select a career that’s not the choice of your peers or parents. Nobody has ever gained from the herd mentality. Neither it is mandatory to match your career with your academic achievements. So, even if you are one of the  top scorers, but you want to pursue music or art because you are good at these fields, go for it. However, you should have a solid conviction in your career choice so that you can explain to parents why it matters to you. Parental support can go a long way in fulfilling your career dreams.

3. Salary-Driven Decisions

Many students choose a career based on how well it will pay or whether it can land you a foreign job. There can’t be a more irrational logic than this parameter to decide your career. You think that a high package or offshore employment is the key to your career success or satisfaction. Well, that’s not true.

Solution: You should keep in mind that the relevancy of every job profile and industry changes from time to time. Yesterday software engineers in great demand, today digital marketing specialists are making good money and tomorrow it would be some other profession that will be ruling the roost. As long as you are good at your job and do it professionally, your bank balance will stay floating. What matters is that whatever career you pick, you have to continuously upgrade yourself with new skills to stay relevant in the industry. So, rather than looking at the salary, pay attention to your work satisfaction and what are the growth opportunities in that career.     

Lastly, remember that there is no alternative to hard work and dedication irrespective to the career you choose.

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