10 Things About Class 1 Help Books You May Not Have Known

10 Things About Class 1 Help Books You May Not Have Known

14 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

13 Things About Class 1 Help Books You May Not Have Known


The transition from kindergarten to first grade is a big step for kids. A child now becomes a part of a big school where they need to adjust to longer school days, learning to get around without much help, and receiving more homework. Oswaal help books is here to build the confidence of your kids, give them positive insight and help them outshine their class 1 mates.

Following are the 10 things about Class 1 Help books you may not have known.

1. Enhances the Child’s Reading Skills

A first grader needs to build his reading skills towards achieving. class 1 help books help your kids to have useful skills to use when they are learning other subjects. They will be able to talk more about particular topics and develop their reading comprehension.

2. Social Skills and Abilities

Children need to develop their social skills and abilities when they join class 1. Help books are essential in promoting group activities participation, learning how to respect their peers, and communicating and sharing correctly with their peers.

3. Promotes Examination Performance

Class 1 is very crucial in helping kids to perform better in their exams. According to research. Most kids enter class 1 performing poorly, and these books are the best in closing the achievement gap. 

4. Brings in Team Effort

Oswaal books help class 1 teachers and students to recognize their crucial role in assisting the children in reading and learning. Research shows that what teachers, parents, community, do is what brings in the difference.

5. Enhances Writing Skills

Once your child has mastered writing letters, he or she should start improving their spelling skills by writing longer pieces. There are plenty of Oswaal books to help your kids improve their writing skills. 

6. Addition and Subtraction Skills

When your child gets into class 1, they need to build their addition and subtraction skills and help books will do just fine with that.

7. They Are Excellent Math Workbooks

Class 1 help books have skill-building exercises that help a first-grader to meet academic excellence in math and other language-related skills. 

8. Helps Develop Science Skills

Science is among the subjects introduced to kids in level 1. The help books teach the child to carry out easy hands-on experiments and about the universe at large.

9. Teaches About Past Events

At class 1, it is unlikely that you expect your child to start learning about past events. Well, that is not the case as class 1 help books exactly do that. 

10. Bring Success to Struggling Readers

The children who do not learn at the kindergarten find it very challenging to catch up on their own. Help books combine the instructions of spelling, reading, fluency, and reading comprehension to ensure they catch up with the others.