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10 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

4 March 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

 10 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

In today’s age, Studying and getting good grades has become an essential part of every student’s life. Gone are the days when you could get a high paying job just by passing your way through high-school - The times have changed, and so should we, and as the age progresses, students need to memorize more, in a much shorter period as compared to the previous times.

Quite frankly, there are several different study hacks for the present age students to use and heighten their memory, which can often make a huge difference for a particular student and their ongoing grade points. Here Oswaal Books is sharing 10 Study hacks which can greatly improve your memory and help you in studies:

Read Loudly

Whenever you’re studying for an exam or a pop quiz, you need to memories things before you take that test tomorrow, but what is the best way to do that? Well, for starters, several scientific studies have shown that reading loudly, whatever you’re memorizing, is essentially one of the best ways to quickly memorize anything that you’re trying to study, and while the exact science behind this Reading Loudly concept might not be totally clear, it genuinely works.

So, from now on, the next time you’re studying, try and read loudly, and see how that turns out for you!

Teach after learning

One of the most prominent methods of getting a good grasp on your study is to teach, whether to other class fellows or anyone who’s up for this task, and explain to them, in detail, regarding everything you’ve learned about the thing you’re studying for. This will prompt you into diving into the intricate details regarding the subject you’re studying for, and when you explain and teach it to others, it will boost up your memory as well, thus making it easier for you to memorize whatever it is you’re learning.

Online Video Lessons

When the traditional book reading methods don’t work out for you, the internet is usually the only place you can resort to. However, in this digital age, we can find tonnes of information regarding anything we want. One of the best ways to memorize and study well for a subject is to watch video lessons regarding it, where experts break down the topics into simpler and easier information, which is much more easier to process as compared to analyzing your textbook.

In this case, Oswaal Books helps students quite a lot, with an array of video lessons being available, ready to be used by students.

Practice makes perfect

When it comes to studying, practice is the only aspect that makes it easier, and rigorous practice is a must if you want to memorize things. Solving the same question using different methods, different logics, using Oswaal question banks are part of Practice Makes Perfect point, and greatly reduce the factor of you forgetting what you studied for, and creating an exam-like situation before exams helps with a good memory.

Study in groups

Studying in groups might not be for everyone, but a group study is generally a great way to focus on studies and memorize what you’re studying for, even if you don’t contribute much to the group study session in the first place. As long as you’re focusing during the study, the points made during your group study session will be imprinted in your mind, making it easier for you to remember the important things during tests and exams.

Take study breaks

While studying continuously might even help on some occasions, taking breaks in between is very essential, as these breaks not only refresh your mind but also allow you to fill in more information regarding the study material while also keeping you focused and motivated.

Keeping this in mind, take a small 10-15 minute break after every hour of studying or so, to increase the maximum memory efficiency of your brain.

Better Sleep, Better Memory

One of the best tips regarding studying is to never pull an all-nighter, even before the day of your exam, as sleep deprivation will cause you to lose focus and you might even end up forgetting what you’re studied for in the first place. Moreover, getting a good sleep after studying helps in the assimilation of the information in your brain, making it easier for you to remember.


When you’re studying, try and rewrite everything you memorize at least once, as it greatly helps in memorizing it and remembering the required information in exams or tests. Several different studies have shown that rewriting the study material and making your notes makes it easier for you to memorize the material, as rewriting involves several different cognitive processes, which gets the brain going.

Quiz Yourself

In the end, the best thing to memorize that subject you’re studying for is to quiz yourself, and create a test atmosphere for yourself at home, and ask yourself different questions. This will enable you to identify what you know well and what you don’t, after which you can work on the aspects you’re weak in. Quizzing yourself is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is also one of the most proficient tricks to improve your memory as a student as well!



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