10 signs/reasons you should invest in Sample Question Papers
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10 signs/reasons you should invest in Sample Question Papers

12 November 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

10 signs/reasons you should invest in Sample Question Papers

Exams are always accompanied by stress. So whether you are targeting to score excellent scores in your board or competitive exams you tend to get stress and the best way to overcome stress is to solve various sample question papers. The sample question paper comprises of various kinds of questions which makes you aware of the changing trend of the examination and also prepares you to face your examination with confidence. Oswaal books and Sample Question Banks are very helpful in attaining highest ranks in any examination.

The following are the 10 signs/reasons you should invest in Sample Question Papers

1. Awareness of the entire syllabus:-

Once you are solving the sample question papers you become aware of your syllabus as well as the sample question papers comprise of questions from the entire syllabus. So this is one of the prime reasons of solving the sample question papers because if by mistake you have left any portion in your syllabus, these sample question papers will help you to brush those leftover portions as well.

2. Improve your knowledge:-

The best way to get good marks is through the correct application of your knowledge and this can only be achieved through rigorous practice. Oswaal Question Banks & Sample papers are prepared according to the updated CBSE guidelines which makes you do better in your examination. Solving these sample question papers makes you aware of question patterns, which topics to be studied thoroughly etc.

3. Conquer the fear:-

Fearing before the exams are very natural because you are not aware of its consequences from before. But if you are solving the sample question papers then with time you will start getting accustomed to the patterns of the question papers and prepare accordingly. Gradually the fear will be replaced with confidence and this is what you want at the end.

4. Time Management Skills:-

It is rightly said that Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing. Very correct phrase because if you can manage and work according to the time deployed to you then your chances to win over increases. Same happens in the examination. In 3 hours of exam time, you have to give your best. Best is the outcome of proper time management. You should solve the sample question papers in the scheduled time of your examination so on your final day of exams your body is scheduled for the exams. Set time and then start solving the sample question papers and chronologically you will notice that you can solve the entire sample question paper on time.

5. Practice, practice, and practice:-

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”. You might be thorough with the entire syllabus but if you don’t practice the sample question papers then your preparation is incomplete. Only accumulating the sample question papers from different sources is not enough rather you have to solve them and practice solving them rather. Practice makes a man complete, so keep on practicing and it will be fruitful for sure. 

6. Know your mistakes:-

Till the time you are not aware of your mistakes, how can you rectify them? So the only source for analyzing your mistakes is solving the sample question papers because once you start solving them, you become aware of your mistakes and correct them. So solving sample question papers are very essential.

7. Benchmark for your preparations:-

You might think that your preparations are done and you are ready to appear for your exams but it’s not the way to analyze your preparation status. You have to solve the sample question papers and then you will know your strengths and weakness and then you have to work accordingly on your preparations so that your performance in your examination is best.

8. Maintain a routine:-

If you want to score high marks in your exams then you have to be disciplined and maintain a routine in solving at least two question papers in a day so that you are in the flow of rigorous practice which will sharpen your knowledge and rectify your mistakes before your examination.

9. To stay serious:-

All the sample question papers are the replicas of your examination paper so, be very serious while you are solving these papers as you might not know which question can be repeated in your examination. If you seriously solving the sample question papers you are also analytically preparing your syllabus.

10. Regular Revision:-

There are so many chapters and topics in the syllabus. If you don’t revise them regularly then you might forget them as well. But if you are solving the sample question papers regularly then your revision is also getting done side by side.


Solving sample question papers possess infinite advantages while you are preparing for your examination. But the right source of preparation and attitude is also essential for getting excellent grades in your examination. Oswaal Books Sample Papers and Oswaal Question Banks are the best sources to achieve the highest rank in your examination.

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