10 Helpful Tips for Class 12th Board Exams
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10 Helpful Tips for Class 12th Board Exams

28 January 2020 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

10 Helpful Tips for Class 12th Board Exams

Class 12th is a prominent gateway for every student and hence is considered as the most important tool of self-reflection in black and white. For the students chasing their career after schools, class 12th board exams are really a thing to ponder. Here are 12 really helpful tips by Oswaal Books for class 12th board exams –

1-An early bird gets the most tender branch

Start preparing early. Preparing early will save you from the last moment’s extra effort and unnecessary extra workload. Starting early will also lead to the completion of your syllabus early and hence will save time for revision. An extra dose of preparation will buckle you up for any circumstance.

2-Be persistent

 Persistency means sticking to the things you’re doing. The main difference between the toppers and others is that a topper is always persistent in his/her preparations in spite of whether one is able to cope up with the things or otherwise. So, be persistent, at least in your efforts. 

3-Self- awareness

Being self-aware is a part of knowing oneself. Knowing your limits, and then excelling the particulars. Self-analysis is another keyhole tactics that will make you more self-aware about yourself, such that you will work accordingly.

4-Commitment towards your time-table  

A fine commitment towards your time-table is the best possible thing you can do as a student to get things going in a timely manner, it is yet another practice in the domain of preparing something early. If you’re committed to your time-table, you will be persistent in your efforts, and as a result, you will be able to do things timely.

5-Revise frequently

Revision is like an icing on the cupcake, it makes you more solid in your preparations, resists the chances of forgetting important things about your subject. It’s been said that what you prepare is of no use if you haven’t revised your preparations. Oswaal sample papers come with a package of short notes about the lesson from where you can retrieve your preparations easily just by looking at them.

6-Take frequent breaks

Taking frequent breaks from a hectic and long stretch study will rejuvenate your mind. 

7-The art of writing

The art of writing is what differentiates you from others. Oswaal help books and oswaal question banks get you this in-depth understanding of how a particular question should be answered.

8-A good mentor is always the best motivator

A good mentor makes you feel like sitting under a banyan tree. It gives you this essence of relief and motivates you for your ongoing preparations. A mentor can be anyone, your friend, teacher or your parents. One can always go and consult the mentor when going through any hardships in the course of preparations.

9-Self-study is the key

Self-study is something that will gear you up for future up comings. The fact that nobody knows you better than yourself. And to implement this statement, self-studies makes you realize with the very fact of self-constructing your own strategies for the exams.

10-Speed & accuracy

Speed and accuracy together make a perfect blend for success. Being reflexive and quick with a considerable amount of accuracy while preparing for the exams is something that has no replacement. Being persistent in your efforts and following up a daily routine will ultimately increase your efficiency and thus will increase your speed and accuracy.

Good luck. Follow #Oswaal Books as your one-stop solution to all your academic preparations. 




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