10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sample Question Papers
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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sample Question Papers

9 October 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sample Question Papers

Students often get advice from parents, teachers, and tutors to solve sample question papers as a part of their exam preparation, especially as they enter higher classes. Those who take this suggestion seriously and incorporate sample papers in their study material have the edge over the others.

If you think you are thoroughly prepared and do not require sample papers, then the points mentioned below should make you reconsider your decision. Here are 10 compelling reasons how sample question papers can be useful:

1. Get Insight into Examination Pattern

Sample papers are drafted keeping in mind the examination pattern. Thus, going through these papers gives a clear idea about what to expect from the paper. You get to know the total number of questions in the paper, marking scheme, length of the paper, different sections, etc.  

2. Get an Idea About Types of Questions

The questions included in the paper are often twisted to test the knowledge of the students to the core. Solving sample papers gives an idea about the way the questions are tweaked and how to handle them smartly.

3. Enhance Time Management Skills

When you have a clear idea about how the paper is divided into different sections and the number and type of questions asked in the paper, you shall be able to manage your time better during the exam. More so, if you have already solved sample papers a couple of times. This way you will know how much time you should spend on each section/question in order to complete the paper on time.

4. Develop Speed

It is suggested to solve sample question papers within the stipulated time frame each time. This is the best way to develop speed. Developing speed and completing a paper on time is crucial and sample question papers can help you achieve it.

5. Test Your Knowledge

You may be fully prepared for the upcoming exams. However, you shall never know as to where you stand until you test your knowledge. One of the best ways to test your knowledge is by solving sample papers. This gives you a clear idea about how much you have grasped thoroughly and how much you still require working on. So, these papers help identify your weak as well as strong points.

6. Strengthen Weak Areas

Sample papers indirectly help you strengthen your weak areas. After all, it is only when you identify your weak areas do you work upon strengthening them. You can focus more on the areas you lack in and strengthen them to prepare thoroughly.

7. Enhance Problem Solving Ability

Solving sample papers regularly helps in enhancing analytical skills as well as problem-solving ability. The more questions we solve, the more we improve on these aspects and the better we perform in the exam.

8. Build Examination Strategy

When you know about the examination pattern, the types of questions expected in the exam and have a first-hand experience in solving the paper you can build your own examination strategy to attempt the paper in a better way and score high.

9. Boost Confidence

Students who solve sample question papers regularly certainly exude more confidence as they appear for the actual example. Those who have never considered solving sample papers are mostly clueless about what exactly to expect from the paper. This causes stress and nervousness.

10. Act as Motivational Force

The more sample question papers you solve, the more you wish to improve. These papers thus act as a motivational force to study better and enhance efficiency.

Ideally, you should aim at solving 1-3 question papers every day after finishing your syllabus. Make sure your study plan includes time for sample question papers.

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